Sunday 3rd – Tour for freedom of movement & against migration control in Glasgow. The crowd split into small groups, visiting government institutions & multinational companies where, denied sanctuary & protection, asylum seekers are exploited & repressed.

These included the Immigration Appeal courts, the registration of birth, marriage & deaths, employment agencies such as Manpower & Staff Finders, who profit from contracts with refugee workers & Serco: the multinational who run Dungavel Migrant Removal Centre. Everyone detained in the centre had been removed & placed in separate locations because of the protests.

A No Borders network being set up in South Wales for organisation, information & education about asylum & immigration issues. So that if deportations are taking place we can organise resistance. It will also be an avenue through which we can actively challenge & break down the borders be they racial, cultural, gender, class, sexual or political – that divide us. If your interested please email us.

This article appeared in Gagged! #8