966012167_a4f1d479a4_oUnder Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000, a police officer has powers to detain for up to 9 hours ‘whether or not he has grounds for suspecting that a person’ is a terrorist. Yes, you did read that right. If a plod doesn’t like the look of you, he can keep you locked up for hours on end, even if he hasn’t got any real reason for it. This is what happened to Aisha Pritchard & her Palestinian husband Sadi Elhaloul when they were due to fly to Dubai for a 4 day break on 14th December. After going through the usual security procedures, just before they boarded the plane they were hauled off for ‘questioning’ by some boneheaded special-branch redneck. After being released without charge they’d missed their flight, & were left with 2 expensive non-refundable tickets. Ms Pritchard, from Cardiff, said:

“Why was the luggage forwarded to the aeroplane, our e-tickets issued & our names put through the computer with no problems? Why was it only when we went to the boarding gate & they looked at Sadi’s passport, were we questioned & detained?

Why, if we were a risk, was our luggage taken off the plane one hour & 45 minutes after it had been put on? We feel we were deliberately stopped from boarding the plane, that it was racist & because we are Muslims. As I am white, British & this is the country of all my ancestors, I feel I am paying a price for marrying a foreigner. What happened to freedom & rights?”

The answer is simple. Freedom & rights go out the window when blood-thirsty, ambitious, mass-murdering politicians pass draconian anti-terror laws that give more & more powers to small-minded racist local pigs who know they can get away with shitty abuses of power like this on a day-to-day basis without reproach. We’re edging towards a police state one nasty little bit of legislation at a time, & what freedom we ever had is being eroded more & more in the name of fake ‘democracy’ & ‘security’.

This article appeared in Gagged! #15