fist-bannerYou could leave your family, friends, home. Risk your life in search of a better one. You could survive, unlike the 1000s that die crossing oceans & borders around the world every year. You could enter the UK.

You could be imprisoned in one of its 12 privately run detention centres, where you could be subject to physical, mental, & racist abuse. 

You could be deported back ‘home’ where you could face war, torture, rape, repression, imprisonment – all of which you could have been fleeing in the first place.

You could be working in degrading conditions on the black market – cleaning, prostitution, waiting… living a precarious, invisible existence, hiding in the shadows, never sure, never knowing when you might be seen & sent back.

You could finally have your story believed & allowed to live in the UK. You could then be subject to racist harassment from narrow minded bigots & a racist mass media.

You could wonder whether it is possible for anyone to live a free & dignified life in a world order run for the rich by the rich.

You could say enough! Join all those who oppose immigration controls, detention centres & deportations. You could fight for a world were people & planet are placed before profit!

A demonstration has been called by No Borders London outside Harmondsworth & Colnbrook detention centres – 11.30 am Saturday 10 February 2007.

This article appeared in Gagged! #15