On February 10th, ‘No Border’ activists from south Wales joined over 200 others from around the UK & beyond to demonstrate outside Harmondsworth & Colnbrook detention prisons, near Heathrow, to call for an end to the forced detention & deportation of asylum seekers. Private companies such as Kalyx (which runs Harmondsworth) & Serco (Colnbrook) are making huge profits from imprisoning tens of thousands of people every year. These peoples’ only crime is to have entered the UK in search of a better life, free from poverty, torture & war. The irony is that these same companies are also exploiting the cheap labour of migrants. Under capitalism, corporations are free to use the resources & labour of poorer countries to produce their products cheaply, yet the people of such countries are not free to move to a better life. We are told by certain parts of the press that immigrants come to the UK for an easy ride. In reality they can face discrimination, poverty & live in fear of being forcibly deported to countries they put everything at risk to escape from. Those seeking asylum have a right to do so, & the UK has adequate space & resources to provide this asylum.

This article appeared in Gagged! #16