Neither the phoney “war on terror” or dodgy fundamentalist religion!

A 32-year-old Libyan-born Cardiff man was freed in May after spending 18 months in a high security prison without charge. He won an appeal against deportation from the UK in late April after being accused of having links with Osama Bin Laden. He strongly denies being a terrorist or having connections with Al-Qaida. The Muslim father of 2, was spared deportation over fears he may be tortured if sent back to Libya for his opposition to Colonel Gaddafi’s regime. His lawyer said:

“He is not a terrorist. He is frustrated he has not had the chance to respond to the evidence put against him. The claims against him were made in a closed hearing”.

He is said to be looking forward to disproving claims that “terrorist propaganda” was found by police raiding his house. Items included maps & a DVD containing access to a website which included a song “I am a terrorist”. The website, said to be supportive of suicide missions, feature songs praising “jihad” & “virtuous warriors”, images of George Bush & Tony Blair, a map of Iraq, & a photo of a baby who’d been shot in Palestine.

Well, many people own “I am a terrorist” by DJ Vadim (recommended), hate George Bush & Tony Blair, think the world would be better without them, have maps of the UK & Iraq, & pictures of Israeli atrocities. This doesn’t mean they’re about to bomb anyone, & it’s no excuse to lock anyone up.

We don’t actually know if this guy’s a terrorist & there’s no real evidence to suggest he is. More likely he’s been alienated by years of imperialist wars & growing racism, & has read a few websites written by dodgy religious types. All that stuff about martyrs & fighting the Great Satan spouted by hate-filled religious bigots & their growing numbers of followers is dangerous rubbish. We condemn the repressive actions of the government in its phoney war on terror & crackdown on civil liberties, but also the superstitious idiots who believe that fundamentalist religion of any kind is the way to make the world a better place.

This article appeared in Gagged! #17