1409298626_7700e699fd_bOn 19th-24th September will be the UK’s first “No Border Camp”, continuing the tradition of No Border protest camps across the world since the late 1990s. The government has recently announced its plans to build a new detention centre near Gatwick airport. This will be another in a long list of such places around the world.

Places where people are locked up indefinitely & without trial, & from where they can be forcibly deported. Such detention prisons are an integral part of a systematic, racist, & barbarous policy of suffering. Together we can stop this one being built!

The camp will be an experiment in self-organisation. A chance to work together to stop the building of a new detention centre & gather ideas for how to build up the fight against migration controls. It will be an important opportunity to challenge & overcome the artificial borders of class, race, sex, sexuality, & nationality which divide us from each other, & act in solidarity with one another for a world without borders.

‘Freedom of movement’ is such a scary prospect for the wealthy few because migration undermines a central dimension of contemporary global capitalism – that people living in different parts of the world can be paid different wages. Borders, migration controls, notions of citizenship & the ‘rights’ that these entail are all integral mechanisms through which this unequal, exploitative world system is maintained. Without them there would be no way of confining people to a certain place, a certain set of working conditions & rate of pay. 

This article appeared in Gagged! #18