On Sunday 9th September, asylum seeker Jackie Aber & her son Naseem were seized by Immigration Officers & taken from their home in Swansea to Yarlswood detention prison. Jackie was tortured & raped by the Ugandan army, she escaped an army prison, entered the UK & claimed asylum. Although accepted by the Immigration Appellate Authority as a ‘believable witness’, the Home Office refused her asylum claim stating that she would not be in danger of persecution if she was returned to a differnet part of Uganda. Finding new evidence that she was personally at high risk of arrest, illegal detention, torture & death, if she & her son were deported, Jackie lodged a fresh claim. Those that detained her informed Jackie that her claim had been rejected in December 2006. Jackie had received no notification of this. Jackie & Naseem were due to be deported on 13th September but their legal team obtained a stay of the removal while mother & son were on their way to the airport. They were then taken back to Yarls Wood, released on the morning of the 14th & then taken back to Swansea in time for Naseem to celebrate his 10th birthday on the 16th.

This article also appeared in Gagged! #20.