It has been discovered that ‘snatch squads’ who carry out dawn raids on asylum seeker families operate out of the ‘Border & Immigration Agency’, General Buildings, 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff. As part of the fight against unjust & racist migration controls worldwide, activists from No Borders Wales have conducted early morning monitoring of immigration staff at General Buildings & have witnessed ‘snatch squads’ leaving the building on a number of occasions at around 6am in the morning. Activists who have followed the ‘snatch squads’ have been stopped & questioned by cops who accompany & aid immigration officials in their activities.

The brutal truths about ‘dawn raids’ are rarely reported in the media. Doors battered down; families dragged from their beds & parents beaten in front of their children. What we get instead are racist lies about Britain being ‘swamped’ by migrants who have come here because it’s a ‘soft touch’ & to steal ‘our’ resources. But migrants are not the problem. The real enemy is the state, the corporations they serve, & unaccountable global institutions like the IMF & the World Bank whose economic policies cause the poverty, wars & environmental damage that migrants want to escape.

This article appeared in Gagged! 21.