The Zimbabwean Development Support Association Wales is holding a demonstration in Cardiff at the Nye Bevan Statue, Queen Street, Cardiff on Saturday 29th of March and will be held from 12:30- 14:00 hrs.

This is to coincide with this Saturday’s national Presidential elections in Zimbabwe. ZDSA Wales, in collaboration with Zimbabweans worldwide, is demonstrating against continual electoral rigging, inhumane treatment of fellow Zimbabweans and utmost poverty of the masses under the Mugabe regime.

There is an average of 600 Zimbabweans living in Wales. It is estimated half of them are been rendered destitute in the asylum process since 2002 and cannot be returned home due to the political situation. A high number of Zimbabweans have been living in limbo for more than 5 years with no light at the end of the tunnel since deportation was suspended in 2002.

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