This tuesday we held another picket of the Home Office’s ‘UK Border Agency’ offices at 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0DD. This is the place where many asylum seekers are required to sign on a regular basis while their asylum claim is processed.

Two different leaflets were handed out, one for asylum seekers who were going into the building to sign, and one for members of the public who were passing by.

This picket was slightly different in that security were using personal mobile phones to photogragh the campaigners (the building already has cctv) from the security desk. This stopped when an activist decided to take pictures of them. A short time later plain clothes police turned up and said that the security were upset and claimed someone had made gestures toward them. In the following discussion with PC Cullen the obligratory arrest threat was issued but not made. The campaigner then asked for evidence of this but PC Cullen said it did not exist. 

At about 1.50pm a white ford van (Registration: NJ57 YLF) pulled up and people were escorted into building by officials, window blinds were closed. In the back was childs car seat and some personal effects. The van’s driver was annoyed when pictures were taken of the vehicle and proceeded to take photographs of campaigners before being ordered away by an immigration official.

PC Cullen & unknown immigration officer (1)unknown immigration officer (2)unknown immigration officer (3)unknown immigration officer (4)

If anyone recognises any of the immigration staff in the photos (the person on the left in the first photo is a plain clothes police officer – PC Cullen) or has information about which areas they work or have worked in, we would be very grateful to hear from you.