It has been found that the Virgin Group (51% owners of Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd, which owns 49% of Virgin Nigeria Airways), through its charitable foundation Virgin Unite has direct links with anti-trafficking charity Stop the Traffik who pledge to “protect the victims of trafficking”. Virgin Unite states “Virgin Unite is fully behind Stop The Traffik to end slavery once and for all”.

Virgin’s role in the up coming deportation of Kemi, Taiwo and Yasim (more details here) directly contradicts their work with Stop The Traffik. It is fundamentally hypocritical of the Virgin Group to support a charity that is there to defend and support victims of trafficking, while at the same time potentially playing such a key role in sending a direct victim of trafficking back to a country where she faces the very real prospect of retribution. The fact that Kemi was trafficked is not disputed by the Home Office. In its letter of refusal it stated that “your account that you have been trafficked to the UK has been accepted”. We encourage everyone to complain to the airline about this injustice and its contradictory practices.


Contact Stop the Traffik and Virgin Unite to highlight how Virgin’s role in Kemi and family’s up coming deportation directly contradicts their support of victims of trafficking.