A hardy collection of waterproofed campaigners from No Borders South Wales picketed the government’s ‘UK Border Agency’ on Newport Road in Cardiff. This unassuming grey building is the heart of the UK’s immigration policy in South Wales, but it’s boring bureaucratic façade hides a truly barbaric regime.

This is the place where snatch squads leave at dawn in order to smash in peoples’ doors and drag them out of bed before dumping them in one of our squalid detention prisons. Innocent people, those who have committed no crime other than wanting to make a better life for themselves or flee opppression are forced to sign on here every week as part of their duty to this dehumanising system.

We do a regular picket outside this building for a number of reasons:

  • We want to alert the public to what goes on here and make sure they know about the snatch squads
  • We want to show asylum seekers some solidarity, tell them about what we do, and let them know not everybody in the UK is driven by the racist agenda of the right-wing press
  • And we want to let the Home Office know that there’s opposition to their police-state politics, and that we won’t let their ‘business as usual’ carry on without some serious opposition

If you can join us we’ll be there, rain or shine, every second week for one hour at noon. Bring your sandwiches and a justified hatred of the way asylum seekers are being treated in our names. Keep an eye on the blog for updates.