There isn’t a No Border Camp planned in the UK this year, as there was last year near Gatwick. There are however three camps planned this August and September across mainland Europe. No Border Camps act as a focal point of resistance to border regimes, and are also an opportunity for communication between different section of the free migration movement through debate and cultural events.

Antira Summer Camp will be happening in Hamburg, the largest port city in Germany on 16th – 24th August in conjunction with a Climate Action Camp. There will be workshops, talks, film showing, concerts and direct action against a number of targets, not least Hamburg’s charter deportation airport. A demo is planned at Hamburg airport on the 21th August. Coincidentally, on the very same day, an ‘Ethnic Charter flight’ to Nigeria will be leaving the UK. Flight PVT640 (one of numerous charter flights that forcibly deport people back to places they have risked everything to escape) will carry families and individuals and is due to leave the UK at 10.00. In Austria it will connect with Flight PVT641, presumably to pick up more Nigerian refugees who have been denied sanctuary there. It is due to leave Austria at 15.20 and arrive in Lagos at 22.30.

No Border Camp – Patras will take place on 29th – 31st in the Greek port city that has a shantytown which is home to thousands of refugees. There will be discussions, parties, solidarity actions and demos.

Dikili No Border Camp will take place on 3rd – 7th September at Alder Beach, Dikili-Izmir, Turkey from where huge numbers of migrants leave to attempt to enter the EU.

No Borders is a transnational network, these camps are no less part of our network because they do not take place on this island, reports from all these camps will appear on this blog in due course.