In order to further spread information about our activities and upcoming events we’ve produced our first newsletter. In the past we’ve contributed articles to the South Wales Anarchists newsletter Gagged!, (here’s all our stories) but as an issue hasn’t appeared in a little while, we decided to produce our own.

It’s only a double sided A4 sheet but we’ve managed to cram in articles about the last picket of the UK Border Agency offices, Constance, BB, Jean Pierre, Kemi, ID Cards, and our collective statement along with adverts for the Cardiff Radical Socialist Forum, the Bristol anarchist bookfair, the Freedom of Movement block against the Labour party conference and No Border Fest.

If your willing to take a bundle of copies to pass around friends, workmates or anywhere else, contact us and we’ll get a load sent to you. If you’ve got access to a photocopier, then download the pdf and print off a pile!