On 11th and 15th August, the letters section of the South Wales Echo included correspondence from a ‘Marlene Meeson’ of Fairwater, Cardiff which criticised us and our work. In her first letter, concerning the case of Jean-Pierre Gueutchue, we are told that;

“the ineptly titled No Borders Wales should leave decisions to those in charge at the Home Office.”

Whilst in her second letter, about Kemi Ayinde we are told

“The self-appointed “no Borders Wales” idiots opposing their deportation should leave the decision tot he powers that be, namely the Home Office.”

Our response was published in yesterday’s edition of the paper;

“In her first letter Ms Meeson seems angry that asylum applicants should receive health care and benefits. For the record, these people, who are not allowed to work, only receive 70% of the lowest form of income support, an amount well below the poverty line.

Thankfully Welsh politicians have seen sense and since May 2008 those at the end of the dehumanising asylum process are now entitled to free health care, unlike their counterparts in England.

In her second letter she kindly supports a decorated soldier who was ejected from hospital because he wasn’t entitled to free treatment, was told that he would be billed for earlier treatment and whose daughter has been refused a visa to come and visit him.

We completely agree that this is a terrible way for anyone to be treated. This example clearly highlights that there can never be “fair” immigration controls; that as long as we have them there will be people that suffer; that they are designed to divide people into those that deserve and those that don’t.

While the rich can travel wherever they want, dodge paying taxes and buy access to health care, the poor are violently kept out of “Fortress Europe”.

Many migrants come to the UK in search of a better life, fleeing persecution from their governments or poverty and war largely caused by Western states and corporations.

Many are only in the UK because the UK Government has been responsible for problems in their country, Iraq being an obvious case in point.”