If you’ve ever needed an excuse to visit Newport, here’s a great one, the No Border Fest will feature 13 bands, lots of stalls, a protest, a film showing, some vegan food, loads of booze and (hopefully) a stack of cash to help No Borders South Wales! The whole event need only cost £10 if you get one of the special weekend tickets, email us for details. It all starts on Friday 3rd October at 7pm in TJs, Clarence Place, Newport.

Jesus Bruiser Jesus Bruiser kick off the two-dayer with some furious raging hardcore anarcho crust punk from the pits of the cider soaked, dirt stained bristol squat scene. Jesus Bruiser’s “Allotment Crust Cocktail” sound has infiltrated nearly every DIY gig in the Westcountry, get in early to witness their uncompromisingly noisey dual-vocal attack.

CosmoGuitar pickin’ Cosmo, the ‘rebel without applause’, is the illegitimate son of Bob Dylan and Jasper Carrot. He tugs on the heart strings with songs about love, gets the conscience working with songs about the state the world is in and gets the trousers wet with songs about ketamine and torching cars. He recently completed a two-week residency at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; he recoded his last album in Brazil; he has headlined Glastonbury on a Saturday night (not one of the big stages we hasten to add) and has performed live on the BBC National Lottery show. His rise to the top is only stunted by his determination to get to the bar before the audience. He truly is a bit of a cult.

KilnAboyIf you have not seen local heroes KilnAboy, you need to get out more. This bunch of radical misfits come on like the Levellers with a petrol bomb. They are going from strength to strength at the moment, with their increasing talent only matched by their willingness to turn up and play wherever anyone is kicking against the system. Mixing Trad folky numbers with self-penned tunes like ‘Raise Your Flag’ and ‘Maletista’s Dream’ they are guaranteed to get the most miserable of audiences up and stomping.

No ChoiceLike a phoenix rising from the ashes, 80s punk band No Choice reformed in 2002 and took up the baton where they left off.. but not quite. No Choice in the 21st century are not old punks reliving their youth, they are fresh and contemporary, giving young guns a run for their money. Their sound is a melodic hard edged guitar punk/indie thing and, like all good punk, throws social commentary into the mix. They have a long history of benefits for causes they support, from the 1984/85 miners strike to Gagged! anarchist newsletter. These guys are not for turning.

Inner Terristrials  Inner Terristrials’ website proudly proclaims that they are ‘London’s most havin’ it punk band’. A bold claim maybe, but one that would be difficult to argue with. For fifteen years they have been bombarding audiences throughout Europe with their sonic arsenal of punked up ska dub and folk. Their politics are every bit as uncompromising as their music and they do their best to shake the system as much as they shake dance floors. Having played sixteen countries this year alone they clock up more miles in a year than many bands get to travel in a lifetime and more importantly they manage to knock crowds off their feet wherever they play, be it at a club gig, free party, squat or festival. This rare Welsh visit will be an event not to be missed.

On Saturday at 2pm there will be a protest against the introduction of ID card for foreigners outside the Passport Office, Olympia House, Upper Dock Street, Newport, NP20 1XA. We will be distributing leaflets and raising awareness about the new ID laws that come into force this November. We invite anyone else who is opposed to ID cards to join us.

At 4pm in the John Peel bar in TJs our friends from SchNEWS will be showing of the updated version of their film ‘Batons and Bombs‘ about the Smash EDO campaign in Brighton. They will beholding a day of action on Wednesday 18th October, South Wales Anarchists will be organising transport. This will be a free entry event.

PolitrixPolitrix are first on for the second day of music. Though you may not be familer with their articulate anarcho punk, they were orginally doing the rounds in 1982. These Cardiff peace punks have reformed as a true DIY band and are quite frankly not to be missed!

Filthy HabitsFilthy Habits are old school angry shouty blistering  crust-bitten hardcore anarcho DIY speed-punk rock from Swansea. Yappy ranting vocals, machine gun drumming, speed metal guitar discharge ripcording away like were all on the run from any kind of civilised society. Raw, messy and right there standing on your toes and combusting in your face.

Tracey CurtisTracey Curtis was previously part of anarcho-pop group ‘Shelley’s Children‘, since leaving them she has matured into a leading agit-prop singer songwriter. Her solo career only came about due to her penning a protest song about a proposed local bypass. Directly political and unashamedly heartfelt she creates concise, genuinely catchy tunes with a social conscience.

RejectedWith a new and improved line up, Rejected are now tearing up gigs like demented pitbulls on a mission to destroy apathy and ignorance wherever they find it. Uncompromising in both their music and lyrics this is balls to the wall old skool anarcho thrash punk that is not for the faint hearted, yet somehow they manage to squeeze some half decent riffs in to ensure it is not total noise.

SpannerMaking the short trip over from Bristol, Spanner will be bringing their toolbox of catchy anarcho-ska-punk tunes to help tighten up the evening. Born out of the DIY scene, these guys only get around to making music when they take time off from making mischief and chipping away at the walls of our prison. Their commitment to the cause is second to none, but don’t be fooled into thinking they don’t take their music as seriously. Sharper than a box of Stanley knives they cut through the bull and give us no nonsense punky reggae party music to while away those hours between riots.

Robb Johnson and the IrregularsRobb Johnson (and his Irregulars) is now widely recognised as one of the finest songwriters working in the UK today. His songs feature in the repertoires of a wide variety of musicians, from folk legend Roy Bailey to acclaimed cabaret diva Barb Jungr, & he enjoys a similarly diverse spectrum of critical acclaim – “a modern-day Dostoyevsky” said the US’s Dirty Linen, Mojo made the double CD Gentle Men Folk Album Of The Month, while The Daily Telegraph made it their Folk Album Of 1998, & Tony Benn says Johnson’s “Winter Turns To Spring” is his favourite song. He has played pubs, clubs, pavements, pickets & benefits, arts centres & festivals, local radio, BBC Radio 3 & 4, Belgian Radio 1, Nicaraguan TV & Channel 4, the Albert Hole in Bristol &, as part of Roy Bailey’s 1998 concert, the Albert Hall in London. And now for the pinnacle of his career, The Legendary TJs!

Catch-it KebabsCatch-it Kebabs finish off the Saturday night. This 9-Piece band hails from Barnsley in South Yorkshire fuse together a modern twist on the ska genre; incorporating swing grooves and a punk ideology taking influence from a wide range of bands from ‘The Clash’ to ‘Glen Miller’ and all that lies in -between, a sound which they have affectionately termed, ‘swing-core ska/punk’. Over the past 4 years since their formation, the band has built up a reputation for being one of the hardest working acts on the UK ska scene, entrancing the audience with their frantic stage show and sassy live swagger.