You can now view the sights and sounds of the No Border Fest in the comfort of your own home! For the authentic experience simply view each video in order, down a can of lager between each band, dance around in front of the computer screen and go outside if you want a cigarette!

Jesus Bruiser come out blazing with their crust punk onslaught

Cosmo slags off Eric Clapton and plays his anti-fascist tune “F@ck the BNP”

KilnAboy perform “Lannigan’s Ball” followed by Cosmo shooting his mouth off again

No Choice promote collective action with “Fractions into Factions”

Inner Terrestrials play “anarchy” finishing off the first night 

Politrix kiced off the Saturday with only their second gig in 20 years

Filthy Habits take the direct approach with “Born into anarchy”

Tracey Curtis gives us all “Shellshock”

Robb Johnson & the Irregulars give the audio middle finger to Jack Straw

Spanner get everyone dancing, followed by a short rant on border control

Catch-it Kebabs keep the crowd on their feet

Rejected bring proceedings to a close followed by a few words of wisdom