Amey PLC, a company that provides ‘support services’, have been exploiting migrant workers. No Borders activists recently held a solidarity picket in Bristol to coincide with a protest in London organised by Campaign Against Immigration ControlsLondon Coalition Against Poverty and others.

We echo this No Borders Bristol statement and call for working class unity:

“We are aware that this is a tricky time to defend migrant worker’s right, as many fear losing their own jobs and the media stir up talk of putting limits on immigration to protect ‘British’ jobs. But we think this is the right time to be making the arguments that we will not be divided by bosses and governments. This is ultimately more than just a matter of rights and fair treatment for migrant workers – it’s about the “race to the bottom” that determines deregulation, worse pay and standards for all workers in the UK. Migration controls are a weapon against the whole work force. They divide us and are a tool of discipline the workforce. If there are workers with less right or no rights, this undermines the position of workers as a whole. The answer must be to oppose immigration controls. EQUAL RIGHTS ARE IN THE INTERESTS OF ALL WORKERS!”

There are set to be more protests against Amey PLC later this week. To get a handle on the way in which the taxpayer pays for the exploitation of migrant workers and profit of corporate shareholders, follow the money in this diagram: