idprotestOn Wednesday when the Cardiff office of the UK Border Agency starts the process of interrogating foreign nationals (starting with non-EEA students and spouses) and registering them for ID cards, we’ll be protesting outside (map).

Against ID Cards. These ‘ID cards for foreign nationals’ are the first step in the process of introducing a national ID card for everyone. The testing of the scheme on migrants before their introduction to the rest of the population is a cynical appeal to the worst kind of bigotry. By resisting the repression of migrants we defend the freedom of everyone.

Against Social Control. ID cards are just one part of a wider plan to increase government regulation over all our lives. The draft Borders, Immigration and Citizenship Bill shows that there are not only plans to introduce ID cards and the National Identity Register by the back door, but also increases the powers of the UKBA over anyone they suspect (not to mention further dehumanising immigration law).

For Freedom and Equality. We organise for Freedom of Movement and Equality for All, which means constantly opposing the regular waves of repressive government legislation isn’t enough. We advocate autonomy and solidarity in the face of state control and capitalist exploitation.

251108-idcarddemo13Protest! – 12 noon on Wednesday 10th December at 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff. See you there.

3059122856_af506226abWhen even the Daily mail and the Telegraph are concerned about the government attacks on freedom, there is definitely something extreme afoot. Public disclosure of secret government schemes continues as the plan to stop ID card leaks is …leaked. The arrest of Tory MP Damian Green is merely a symptom of the deliberate and systemic criminalisation of dissent by the government.  Though the recent ECHR ruling has presented a setback to the DNA database, the programme of increasing the surveillance state continues, not to mention signs of  a privatised police force above public scrutiny.

On the same day as we hold our demonstration a delegation from Universities without Borders will be delivering a petition to the Prime Minister’s office about the changes to student visas. Here are some more pictures from our last protest against ID cards: