Guantanamo Bay is home to perhaps the most controversial, certainly the most famous, detention centre in the world today. Since it’s opening in January 2002 it has been condemned for unlawful detention, abuse and torture, to mark this seven year anniversary Cageprisoners are conducting a national tour bringing together former guards and detainees for the first time. On Wednesday 4th February, the tour comes to The Great Hall, Students Union, Park Place, Cardiff, starting at 7pm. No Borders South Wales will be co-sponsoring this event with Cardiff Stop the War Coalition, Cardiff STAR (Student Action for Refugees), Cardiff University Islamic Society, and others. Admission will be free and all are welcome.

Chris Arendt, a former guard at the base has agreed to speak about his experiences in detaining suspected terrorists and bring new insights into the way the US administration carried out policies against them. Also for the first time the detained Al Jazeera journalist Sami El Haj will be speaking with Cageprisoners Spokesperson Moazzam Begg as they both reflect on life at the prison on the opposite to Chris.

Follow the tour as it goes around the UK on the  Guantanamo Voices blog. All tour details are available here.