idcarddemoaOn Thursday 29th January at 12noon  we will be holding a picket outside the UK Borders Agency at 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff (map) to protest against deportation, against detention and against the racist ID card system all of which are enforced from these offices. We will be hanging banners, holding placards and distributing leaflets to draw attention to what happens inside the building.

The last picket of the UK Border Agency was set to coincide with the start of registration for ID cards, whilst there is no such event happening on the 29th, none of the issues have gone away. We invite everyone who has a problem with the authoritarian remit of the UK Border Agency to join us.

When campaigning against the UK and wider European Border regime you get used to being shocked, but not surprised. Typical of the shock without surprise was the news that UKBA employees at detention centres have been found out as members of the fascist organisation the British National Party (BNP). This information came to light when the entire BNP membership list was leaked. Though this isn’t the first time that the people with the power to mistreat migrants have turned out to be card carrying racists, it serves as another reminder of the kind bigotry that exists within the border regime.