2nddemogOne of the greatest symbols of the UK Border Agency’s move inland over resent years is the existence of ID Cards. It is an issue we have highlighted on numereous occasions since it became clear that these infamous tools of social control were to be introduced via smokescreen of immigration hysteria. Opposition to ID cards is wide and broad based, nearly all political parties in the UK claim they would abolish the scheme. Even within the civil service there has been a culture of leaks round the issu, there has even been a leak about ID card production in Swansea.

ID Card leaflet

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However, we are concerned with more than just these ID cards, because they’re just one part of a wider increase in the powers of social control the state exerts over freedom of movement. At the series of demonstrations we held to coincide with the unveiling, coming into force, and registration of ID Cards, we produced leaflets specific to each event. Here is a leaflet that covers all these issues in a more timely way. If you are able to, please download the .pdf, print out and photocopy to give to friends and strangers. If you haven’t got access to a photocopier email us and we’ll get you a pile.