loud and vibrant demonstration in Whitehall (video) along with a picket outside the UK Border Agency (UKBA) in Cardiff last thursday was part of an international day of action for Yahya Al Faifi. The practice of the UK Border Agency in this case has been of its usual disgusting standard. Yahya, like so many people who seek asylum in the UK, has been branded a liar. Ironically, the day of action coincided with revelations of exactly how underhanded UKBA were prepared to be in order to keep its deportation figures high and the refusal to grant Yahya asylum appears to be nothing more than yet another cynical attempt to do just this. While we of course believe in the freedom to stay for all migrants, it is imperative that someone who has spent so much of their life showing solidarity with fellow working class people must not be left short of support, Yahya must stay!