img_10611No Borders South Wales applaud the actions of Cardiff Students Against War who, inspired by actions at other universities across the UK, have occupied the Large Shandon Lecture Theatre in the main building of Cardiff University and issued a set of demands about the University’s complicity in the arms trade and the destruction of Gaza.

As well as demanding that the university make a stand on issues concerning Palestine and the arms trade, the students have also demanded that the university throw it’s considerable weight behind the campaign to Defend Yayha Al-Faifi. In fact Yahya will be giving a talk inside the occupied space at 3.15pm today, highly recommended! Get yourself  down to the Large Shandon Lecture Theatre if you can.

Here’s the complete set of demands;

  1. No repercussions for students involved in the occupation. (This demand has been met).discussion-1
  2. Cardiff University to divest all shares, direct or indirect, from arms manufacturers and aerospace companies.
  3. Cardiff University to adopt an ethical investment policy that excludes the arms trade. This process is to be mediated by external ethical auditors based on responses of Cardiff University students and staff. The ethical investment policy to be freely available to all students and staff.
  4. Cardiff University to be twinned with a Gazan university, to show support for the Gazan people at this desperate time. The twinning is to involve: a) Scholarships for at least 5 Gazan students to study in Cardiff, and for Cardiff University to help facilitate their travel. b) Surplus books, computers and other educational materials to be sent to the twinned university.
  5. Cardiff University to release a statement in condemnation of Israel’s bombing and the blockade of Gaza, and in condemnation of the UK government’s use of British armed forces as part of this blockade.
  6. An official day of solidarity with Gaza supported by Cardiff University.
  7. Cardiff University to issue a statement of support for Saudi ex-BAE trade unionist Yahya Al Faifi, who is currently fighting deportation from the UK.
  8. No Israeli products to be sold in university shops.
  9. Cardiff University to actively promote the Disaster Emergency Committee appeal for Gaza, including a banner on the website, and to issue a statement condemning the BBC and Sky News for not running the DEC Gaza appeal advert.

No Borders South Wales gives it’s solidarity with both the action and the message of the occupation, especially the demand that Cardiff University should support Yayha al-Faifi. We encourage Cardiff Students Against War to keep on until ALL demands are met!

Keep up to date with events in Cardiff Uni and check out news of university occupations across the country. If you’re a student at Cardiff Uni, join the occupation, if only for a few hours. If you’re not a student pop down to say hello anyway, either way email messages of support!