The occupation of Cardiff University ended on Thursday having secured a major victory. A key demand of the occupation, which was organised by Cardiff Students Against War, was that the University divest from the arms trade. On receiving written confirmation that the University has sold its £209,00 worth of shares in both BAE and General Electric and have given instructions to fund managers not to reinvest in the arms trade at any point, the thirty or so students involved in the occupation decided to leave on a high. BAE and General Electric are two of the worlds largest arms manufacturers and their weapons have been used in the recent onslaught on Gaza by the Israeli army that left over 1500 dead and many more thousands injured.

The occupiers left the University lecture theatre that they had held for the past 3 days at just after 4pm on Thursday afternoon vowing that this was only the beginning and that they would be back! They also hope that their actions can inspire other students around the country to do the same.