On Saturday at 12noon there will be three protests against the arbitrary indefinite imprisonment of migrants:poster

There are 13 immigration prisons in the UK and every year up to 30,000 innocent people including 2000 children are detained without committing any crime. The government wants to increase detention by 60% and have built a new detention centre Brook House near Gatwick (due to open soon). The UK government also  have the go-ahead to build a second detention centre next to Yarl’s Wood IRC and are in talks to build another near Bullingdon, Oxfordshire. Very often the people imprisoned are torture and rape survivors and have serious physical and mental health problems. The human suffering caused by this imprisonment is unspeakable.

We demand the immediate closure of all immigration prisons and freedom of movement for everyone. No Borders South Wales will be attending the protest in Bedfordshire, get in contact if you want to come with us.