jan1At midday this Wednesday 27th May, we will be holding a picket outside the UK Borders Agency at 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff (map) to protest against the systematic de-humanisation of migrants in the UK via enforced destitution, detention and deportation. The picket will also be in solidarity with the repressed migrants in Calais, looking toward the Calais No Border Camp in a month’s time. The demonstration will be from 12noon until 1pm, so come and join us, we will have a selection of banners and placards, but feel free to bring your own too!

The situation for migrants in Calais is nothing short of a major humanitarian crisis, which has been created by the UK Home Offices’ border enforcement programme. Undocumented people living in makeshift camps in the area are subject to regular attacks from French police, who destroy shelters and tear gas everyone. We are holding an information evening with films, talks and music in O’Neill’s on Thursday the 4th June and hosting a photo exhibition entitled “No Land’s Men: The struggle for Calais” at Chapter on 11th-13th June.

The UK Border Agency on Newport road is the local operational centre for the enforcement of racist immigration laws, the snatch squads operate from this building to carry out  dawn raids and here are the offices where decisions are made on claims for asylum and is responsible for detaining and deporting thousands of migrants a year. We oppose the brutal and murderous border regime and stand in solidarity with all migrants no matter where they are from.