calais-orange2With the Calais No Border Camp less than a week away, to go along with the activist mobilisation, the mainstream media disinformation is in full swing. Whilst most of the scare stories have appeared in the French press, never one to miss a spot of sensationalism the Daily Mail has run a story about the camp. Amoung other things Mail hack Peter Allen claims that we “heartily support” the views of Natacha Bouchart, the mayor of Calais, who has called on residents of Calais to leave en-masse for the duration of the camp and has cancelled several local events for no good reason. Unsurprisingly our views and that of Ms Bouchart are drastically different and the idea we intend to incite migrants to er… migrate is laughable.

No Border Camp site

Further details of the camp have been released, the programme for the week has been published, and the location has been announced as the public park at rue Normandie-Nieme, east of Calais. For people not already booked on one of the coaches organised from around the country the location is easy to reach and there are directions

Like any media event worth it’s salt these days, information about the camp is all over social networking sites like myspace, facebook and doubtless elsewhere too. If your coming to the No Border Camp we’ll see you there. If your not, with an alternative media centre in the camp, there’s sure to be reports appearing on the newsfeeds in our left column and hopefully a few new blogposts during the week too.