3596871035_aa996cb582You may notice on the top of our left column we have a new feature, our twitter feed!  To go along with our Facebook and Myspace accounts, we’ve signed up to the latest social networking craze and will be sending out ‘tweets’ for the duration of the No Border Camp, and hopefully beyond! This will mean we’re able to keep people unable to attend the camp up to the minute about what’s happening, follow us today!

election_euro_nobor_568453aSome people have been asking what kind of welcome the No Border Camp will have in Calais. Naturally the authorities are being typically bullish and threatening, (and in Dunkirk have taken it one stage further) however local people have been quite split on the whole issue of the migration bottleneck in their town.

A recent film “Welcome” which was filmed and set in Calais, tackles the human impact of the border controls on the lives of both migrants and locals. The film was received by cheering audiences at the preview screenings in the region and has had great critical acclaim, as one local resident commented:

“It’s the most beautiful and most upsetting film I have ever seen, it shows how the refugees and the charity workers are heroes and what dirty work the French state does to make their lives a misery.”

The film centres on the plight of a Kurdush refugee trying to get to England, and the plight of someone who helps him and the way in which the state comes down on them both. On it’s release, the director Philippe Lioret told a Calais newspaper:

“If tomorrow you help a bloke who has no papers, you’re guilty under the offence of ‘helping a person whose papers are not in order’. What country are we living in? I have the impression that we’re in 1943 and that we’ve hidden a Jew in the cellar.”

A distribution company has recently gained the rights to show the film in the UK, hopefully there will be screenings in south Wales in the near future.