marchThis year’s No Border Camp in Calais has now finished. It was a powerful and unique event. Bringing together activists from across Europe to share a camp alongside undocumented migrants from Africa, the Middle East and Asia as well as significant numbers of local residents was no easy feat. Especially under the watchful eye of over 2,000 police, nearly all armed and with full riot gear (though often no uniforms and no noticeable identification). Full credit to everyone who took part in any way.

Camp signThough the Freedom of Movement demonstration on Saturday 27th was the central event that got media coverage, it was the week long camp that was the real story. As part of the war of words about the camp we have been using our Twitter feed to keep a constant stream of updates on what was taking place, as well as to point people to links of interest. There was also a No Border Camp newspaper called Nomade produced on site to go along with mainstream media coverage.

As a group we will be having a report back and a reflection on the camp at our usual meeting on Thursday, and a full group report will be posted up after that. In the meantime we will be appearing on S4C’s  flagship current affairs programme Byd ar Bedwar this Tuesday at 8.25pm.

NBSW @ Calais

There is only so much that can be done in a week long event like this No Border Camp, but these events mark the start of a process of building a movement in Calais against migration controls. We hope we have helped lay some solid foundations.