This week the first ever Climate Camp Cymru begins near Merthyr Tydfil. The first Climate Camp took place in the north of England in 2006 and now take place around the world.

There is a full programme of workshops, with a quite interesting talks, discussions and debates scheduled. As well as sessions like “Composting the capitalist state – how we can, why we must”, “The history of Non-Violent Direct Action in Wales” and “Start a group and take action in 4 weeks” there is a number of workshops dealing specifically with migration:

Climate change is the single greatest threat to the world in modern times and increased levels of forced migration is accepted as a social effect. Though in the past climate refugees have struggled for proper recognition the numbers are predicted to reach 50 million by 2010. So when we  fight the causes and effects of climate change, let’s not forget the fight for equality too.

It’s encouraging that the environmental direct action movement are holding events of this stature here in south Wales, it’s likely to attract a wide range of people from a wide range of political backgrounds. No Borders have a history at Climate Camp, we’ll be there, will you?