UK BA Picket 23/09/0912 activists picketed the Cardiff offices of the UK Border Agency for an hour between 4-5pm today, catching a lot of post-work traffic along a busy Newport Road.

The picket was held in response to a call out for protests outside UKBA offices in solidarity with activists and migrants in Calais, where French authorities have been attempting to make the port town a “migrant free zone”  by subjecting migrants there to intimidation and violence and by destroying their living spaces and belongings.

Solidarity actions were also held in BrightonScotland and Manchester.

Yesterday early morning, French authorities bulldozed the Pashtun Afghan camp, detaining around 300 migrants including a reported 182 children. Hundreds of French riot police were involved in the ‘operation’. A Channel 4 news report on the raid can be found here.

Activists in Calais have called for more activists to join them in Calais and for donations. Details of how you can help can be found here.