calais night 20-10-0920th October 2009, 7pm
Upstairs at O’Neills, Trinity Street, Cardiff

Free event

Calais film and info night

Reports, footage and films direct from Calais; a front line in the UK’s Border War against migrants.

The recent clearance of migrant camps in the port town of  Calais, northern France,  briefly caught the attention of the mainstream media in the UK and beyond. However, the destruction by the state of migrant camps and squats in Calais continues with increased brutality, using bulldozers to flatten homes and to destroy belongings. Migrants are still there, left homeless, left without food, without money, facing another winter.

On October 20th,  south Wales activists who have recently been in Calais will be talking about their experiences and we will be showing some short films about recent events.

For updates from activists in Calais and to find out what you can do, see Calais Migrant Solidarity.