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As part of the oral session of the internal inquiry into the UK Border Agency, former UKBA employee Louise Perrett appeared before the Home Affairs Select Committee in the House of Commons today and gave evidence of her experience of working in the agency’s Cardiff office.

The committee questioned Perrett on the detail of her claims, with David Davis MP arguing that the Cardiff office of the UKBA approves more asylum applications than many other branches.

As well as evidence presented by the whistle blower, later in the session John Vine, Chief Inspector of UKBA, and Lin Homer, chief executive of UKBA, also appeared in front of the committee. A full transcript should be available on the Committee website within about 2 weeks.

There have been more reports on last Friday’s Refugee Voice Wales demonstration outside the UKBA office at 31-33 Newport road by No Borders Bristol, Indymedia and LGBT Asylum News. There is also a photo set on flickr by Ian Homer:

Vodpod videos no longer available.