"Deportation is a death sentence" banner in the city centre.


As part of the European Week of Action against the Deportation Machine; No Borders South Wales  dropped some banners in the city of Cardiff. The UKBA in Cardiff has recently been at the heart of an investigation into racism in the Border Agency as a whole. We remind them that deportations and detention are racist and discriminatory and lead to suffering, misery and death.


"Migration is not a Crime - End Detention Now" banner opposite Cardiff Prison


As Europe tightens and co-ordinates its border controls using increasingly intrusive surveillance, violence at the hands of Frontex and deportations, detention and discrimination, activists step up at a local and international level to challenge this system of abuse.


"Stop Deportation" & "Stop Deporting Gay Refugees" banners opposite UK Border Agency offices


No Borders South Wales  has suffered its own members being deported in the past and continues to fight for freedom of movement for all.