Women Seeking Sanctuary Advocacy Group (WSSAG) Wales is a growing self help group run by and for asylum seeking and refugee women in South Wales.

“We offer moral, emotional, social and practical support to one another. WSSAG is a platform where we all share our experiences, difficulties, as a problem shared is a problem halved. We feel that together we make a better stand.

Even though we do not give immigration advice, we signpost our ladies to where to get help, we encourage and promote social cohesion within the community. We are committed to promoting a positive image of people seeking sanctuary.”

In partnership with the Cardiff Ethnic Minority Communities team the group launched a book called “Seeking Sanctuary: Journeys of Despair and Hope” on Tuesday 19th April 2011 at the Wales Millennium Centre, which is now available via their website. The book contains six real life experiences of women who have fled human rights abuse, persecution, and all sorts of other abuses but still have decided to speak out about their ordeals and hope to rebuild their lives.