No Borders is a transnational network of autonomous groups advocating freedom of movement and equality for all. The network operates on a non-hierarchical, anti-authoritarian basis and uses consensus decision making. We struggle in solidarity with migrants to work towards a world without borders, capitalism or the state.

The No Borders South Wales group formed in 2005 and plays an active role in the network. We aim to:

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What we believe

It is in response to poverty, persecution, war, and climate change that people are on the move around the world. The numbers are only set to rise as neo-colonial western governments’ destabilise resource-rich areas to drive economic growth at home, demanding no barriers on trade, but multiplying them for people. Whilst the rich have become increasingly regular international travellers, the global poor are violently kept out of the likes of Fortress Europe. The wealthy are not affected by border controls, their affluence makes them ‘deserving’ whatever else they do. Witness the large number of super-rich ‘non-doms’ who are resident in the UK but pay no tax, un-harassed by the government.

Media Barons and right-wing politicians have been quick to demonise asylum seekers regardless of the truth. So that the government can appear ‘tough on immigration’ the right of asylum is under constant attack, with regular dawn raids, overcrowded detention centres, and increasing numbers of deportations to places that the government knows are unsafe. These recent phenomenons of immigration policy divide people into citizens and non-citizens, deserving and undeserving, ‘legals’ and ‘illegals‘.

We do not believe anyone should have to justify their presence and our actions are not motivated by pity. Though for tactical reasons, when campaigning for someone not to be deported, we use compassionate arguments for their right to remain, our motivation is always one of solidarity with fellow working class people from across the globe.

Borders are rising around all of us, migrants are used as the testing ground for ID schemes and monitoring systems, used as excuse to increase the size of the surveillance state. We are against repression in all its forms & the many controls which would restrict the lives of everyone. The UK is becoming a mass surveillance society, migrants are at the very sharp end.