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Thankfully Ms Saleh and family wasn’t deported yesterday, it appears pressure on the airline had some effect:

The family are now held in Cedars detention center (RH11 9AD, Tel: 01293844900) and have been told that the UKBA will try to deport them again to Egypt on another flight.

A video of the dawn raid yesterday morning has been released:

The video of the dawn raid on the Saleh family makes for upsetting viewing, but is the typical kind of brutal action the UKBA do on a daily basis. There is an excellent article in New Internationalist about this case.

If you wish to contact an MP the Home Office reference is: S1391610/1. We recommend:

Theresa May – Home Secretary Tel.020 7219 5206 or 0118 934 5433
Mark Harper Minister for Immigration 020 7219 5056 or 01594 823482 Email.

There is a petition you can sign,  as well as one on 38 degrees.

Mrs Saleh has been seeking sanctuary from an abusive and cruel husband whose acts endangered her and her children’s lives for over 15 years to the extent of death and rape. The Egyptian authorities ignored this domestic abuse as her husband has close links with police, judges and other officials.

Mrs Saleh should be granted international protection under the UN Refugee Convention as she holds a real and well-founded fear of persecution of her own life and that of her family. We call upon the Immigration Minister to grant Mrs Saleh and her children the right to remain in the UK on compassionate grounds.

More info will appear as the situation develops on Save Saleh family  and Give her Sanctuary. If you could help in any way, please contact 07411466065

From Shrouk:

My mother’s house was raided earlier today at 6am by UKBA officers and they dragged my family (including my 2 younger siblings) out of bed. For the past 5 years my family have been claiming asylum in the UK based on domestic violence. They were arrested to be deported at 3pm today and snatched them from me right in front of my eyes. They are currently handcuffed in Heathrow Airport even though their case is still going and we even have a court date next month.

Flight details: 3PM flight to Cairo, Terminal 3 – Heathrow airport. Flight no. MS778

Airline: Air Eqypt: 02070 134955 or 02087593635  facebook

Politely explain to the airline that UKBA are trying to remove Mrs Saleh and her children against their will. Explain why they would be at risk if they are removed, or why it is a breach of their human rights to be removed, and why they need to stay in the UK. Keep it simple, clear and calm. Concern is better than anger, as the person you speak to will be more likely to respond sympathetically.Remember you are not accusing the airline of deporting (UKBA are doing this), but are saying they should not be a part of this because of the reasons above, and because it is bad for their reputation. One way of saying it could be ‘You are very worried for the El-Attar’s safety on the flight and after landing, and you are worried for the safety and comfort of other passengers, and for the reputation of the airline’.Ask that your concerns are recorded, and are passed on to the pilot/flight staff.Feed back any response you get

Please also ring Thomas James at our MP’s office on 029 2061 3539 and ask them to ask the MP to speak to the home secartary to delay deportation process. After calling an MP’s office we have found they are compiling representation to home office right now and emails of support would be helpful. please email thank you.


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