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Meeting of No Borders South Wales tonight (plus people from the ShareDYDD destitution network).

no borders march 15

There are several interesting meetings coming up in Cardiff over the next few weeks:

1) Anti-Raids Network Cardiff: Tues 30th Sept, Red Sea Club, 11-13 City Rd, 7pm-9pm

Organising against immigration raids through community solidarity and practical action. London based network info here

2) No Borders South Wales Introduction and Meeting: Mon 6th Oct, Cathays Community Centre, 7pm-8pm

A welcoming session to new people, explaining the work of NB in Cardiff and South Wales.

3) Universities of Sanctuary: Tues 7th Oct, Temple of Peace, 7pm-9pm

Discussion around creating a refugee-friendly institution within Universities in Cardiff. More information here

4) City of Sanctuary: Thurs 16th Oct, Red Sea Club, 11-13 City Rd, 11am-1pm

Regular meeting of the C of S group, more info here

Hope to see you in the next weeks!

no borders Full call-out and final draft of poster coming soon…

Save the date: Tuesday 2nd September!


Get involved by coming to our next meeting:

Monday 25th August at 7pm at the Red and Black Umbrella.

No meeting this Monday, as many of us will be out of Cardiff.

Next meeting will be Monday August 25th –

From 7pm – 8pm at the Red and Black Umbrella Social Centre.

We will be also going to eat or drink together afterwards. This will depend on what those present want to do.


Racist vans, harassment of migrants via text messages from private companies, cuts to legal aid, cuts to English language learning provision, cuts in support services – and phone-lines that people now struggle to use…and more to come from the new Immigration Bill – some might just conclude that the government’s policies are an attack on the vulnerable, but then again, when hasn’t this been the case?

Home Secretary, Theresa May has openly stated a desire to create a “hostile environment” for all but “the brightest and best” migrants.

But whatever governments try to do, people will be there, working together in unity and solidarity to try and change the far-right policies that don’t help anyone, even the richest or bigoted.

Action has been taking place around Europe to build resistance and empower people to stand up for their rights.


The ‘March for Freedom‘ walked for 450km between Strasburg and Brussels, and defied laws by crossing borders that is now a normal occurrence for Europe’s citizens, but denied to vistors seeking sanctuary from wars and conflict.

Activists in Calais have stood up to openly fascist groups and seen support grow as far-right demos were cancelled. Many have now reclaimed a major space in the city to use for solidarity work.


Here in south Wales, activists have recently become involved in the necessary work to support destitute asylum seekers. The government cuts are forcing more people to sleep rough. Cardiff Destitution Network is helping to make the grass-route changes that challenge this bogus system, it was set up by solidarity activists in CMS Wales, which has been active since 2012 after being inspired by the Unity Centre in Glasgow. Some activists have spent less time coming to meetings and more time helping to promote events and organise local benefit gigs which help to fund the vital work that keeps people safe and alive.

Some have worked with various organisations to help make Cardiff a ‘City of Sanctuary’ – hoping that their input helps to make a real difference on the ground so that those that need to the most can directly benefit from the ‘award’.

Many others have been involved in anti-deportation campaigning, alongside friends in south Wales and a now released Dignity marcher to South Wales from Bristol.

We want to build on this though.

We have plans to hold a day of action during the NATO summit in South Wales, and also to help organise a new No Borders Convergence, bringing together migration activists from all over the UK and beyond. Our friends in Bristol and Leeds are growing the No Borders struggles there, and other groups in Manchester, Brighton, Oxford and Nottingham are building a new Migrant Solidarity Network, which Cardiff is also linked to.

This work is to create a world where no one is oppressed or discriminated against because of their status, ethnicity, gender or sexuality.

We want a No Borders group again, that will use protests and many forms of direct action to get results. When detention centres have been blockaded and flights have been cancelled, people’s lives have been saved. We’re meeting tonight to help make this happen. We hope that you can join us at Cathays Community Centre from 6pm to be a part of it. We will aim to meet regularly after that.

You can contact us for more information but we’d like to see you stand together with us if possible.

For a world without borders, in which all are equal and live without conflict.

Now on the revised date of Thursday 4th March from 7.30pm we will be hosting a film showing at the Birt Acres Lecture Theatre, Bute Building, Cardiff University (map). Featuring 3 short films about Calais that give a glimpse into the lives of migrants living there. One of these will be will be the premier of ‘Passengers‘ made by one of our group. You can RSVP on the facebook event page.

Since the No Borders Camp last summer, many activists from south Wales have been involved in migrant solidarity work in Calais. Hundreds of migrants have travelled overland to Calais to cross the final border to Dover in order to settle in Britain. Even though in Britain the odds are not in favour of asylum seeking migrants being given status, it is much less likely in Read the rest of this entry »

On Saturday 23rd May South Wales Anarchists will be hosting the first Anarchist Bookfair in Cardiff. We will be attendance with our stall in the main hall giving away free leaflets, newsletters and stickers as well as selling a small selection of books and badges.

We will also be hosting a talk and discussion at 1pm in room 1. Everyone is welcome, though we’ll be tailoring our talk to what we assume will be an anarchist audience. Like everything we’re doing over the next few months we’ll be using the opportunity to encourage people to join us in attending the Calais No Border Camp. Here’s a summery of Read the rest of this entry »

As promised in our report, here is the film of the last night of tour of “Two Sides – One Story: Guantanemo from both sides of the wire“:
Read the rest of this entry »

100_7994On Wednesday 4th February, the Two Sides One Story tour held it’s final night in Cardiff’s Student Union, with nearly 1000 people in attendance (and more turned away) it was by far and away the largest political meeting in Cardiff for some time. Those who gathered to hear the two former detainees and former guard from the world’s most notorious prison were surely bracing themselves for tales of brutality, suffering and depression. Indeed all these subjects were Read the rest of this entry »

cageprisoners1With the forcing of the closure of detention facility Guantanamo Bay within a year by the Obama administration, the Two Sides One Story tour currently travelling across the UK (reports from Sheffield, Leeds, and London), has been in the media. While Guantanamo being closed down is a very good thing, there are other similar facilities. As former detainee Moazzam Begg points out:

I was held at Bagram detention facility before Guantanamo. I witnessed some terrible things there. If that place is closed too, we’re doing well. If it isn’t, we’ll see more of the same.

In the same way, though we give our total support to initiatives like the Campaign to Close Campsfield, simply closing this single detention centre by itself would be a hollow victory. We wish to see the end of the practice of detention as a means of social control, but we are Read the rest of this entry »

Guantanamo Bay is home to perhaps the most controversial, certainly the most famous, detention centre in the world today. Since it’s opening in January 2002 it has been condemned for unlawful detention, abuse and torture, to mark this seven year anniversary Cageprisoners are conducting a national tour bringing together former guards and detainees for the first time. On Wednesday 4th February, the tour comes to The Great Hall, Students Union, Park Place, Cardiff, starting at 7pm. No Borders South Wales will be co-sponsoring this event with Cardiff Stop the War Coalition, Cardiff STAR (Student Action for Refugees), Cardiff University Islamic Society, and others. Admission will be free and all are welcome.

Chris Arendt, a former guard at the base has agreed to speak about Read the rest of this entry »

gathering2On 21st and 22nd February No Borders activists from across the UK will once again gather to discuss and plan together. This will be the fifth network wide gathering, following on from last November in Newcastle, hosted by No Borders North East. This event will be co ordinated by Bristol No Borders and take place at St. Werburgh’s Community Centre (map).

Although primarily a coming together of the dozen or so autonomous No Borders groups in the UK, like previous gatherings it will be an open event with no ‘membership requirements’ to attend. However this will be a working meeting of like minded activists rather than a place to find out about the network. Please contact us, or your local group if you do wish to find out more (links to other local groups in the left column).

If you are coming, please contact the organisers about accommodation, when you will be arriving, and any other requirements. Though the venue, accommodation, logistics and catering will be the responsibility of people in Bristol, we in South Wales will be compiling the proposed agenda. If you would like to contribute anything please contact us, there will be a finalising meeting on Friday 20th February in Bristol which everyone is welcome to attend.

There is a suggested donation of £10-15 to cover the costs of the Gathering, no one will be turned away through lack of funds.

On the 8th & 9th November groups and individuals from across the UK affliated to the No Borders Network will meet in Newcastle to discuss and plan together.

There will be workshops and discussions on a wide range of issues including reflections on the network, news from local groups, anti-deportation campaigns, targeting airlines, transnational networking, cross-channel border controls, ID Cards for non-EU spouses & students, International Organisation for Migration (IOM), and more.

If  you’d like more information or you are planning to attend, please contact the organisers via  letting them know if you would like accommodation, when you will be arriving, and any other requirements.

There is a suggested donation of £10 to cover the costs of the Gathering, but no one will be turned away through lack of funds. There will also be No Borders merchandise such as t shirts, dvds and books for sale.

At the Cardiff Radical Socialist Forum on Wednesday 3rd September No Borders South Wales will be joined by two members of No One Is Illegal UK in giving a presentation on the socialist response to immigration controls, the concept and arguments for Free Migration and resistance to the UK Border regime.

The No One Is Illegal UK challenges the ideology of immigration controls and campaigns for their total abolition. They are responsible for the No One Is Illegal Manifesto which gives the socialist argument for open borders. Here’s an excerpt:

Many if not all of the arguments used to justify immigration controls are simply ludicrous and are more the result of racist-inspired moral panic than of any connection with reality. Such is the notion that the entire world population would come to this country if there were no controls: even if such an absurd notion were true, it should prompt concern for their reasons for coming rather than fear. Nonetheless these objections to open borders need to be answered and they require a socialist and anti-imperialist analysis. The objections about “overcrowding” can only be answered by discussing socialist use of resources — use based on needs not profits. The objection, the surreal objection, that migrants, immigrants and refugees obtain luxury housing and endless welfare compared to British workers needs to be answered both by pointing out the truth (namely that just the opposite is the case) but also by a recognition that benefits and welfare are woefully inadequate for everyone — both for the documented and the undocumented and that both have a shared interest in fighting for better welfare. The objection that those fleeing the devastation of the Third World have no right to come here can be met by pointing out the imperial responsibility for this devastation, both in the past and currently. As the Asian Youth Movement used to say “We are here because you were there”. The objection that a state has the right to control its own borders can only ultimately be answered by questioning the nature of the nation state and borders. We agree and sing along with John Lennon — “Imagine There’s No Countries”.

We extend an invitation to all socialist in the South Wales area, regardless of their current opinion on immigration controls to listen to the presentation and join in with the following discussion.

The Forum will take place at 7.30pm on Wednesday 3rd September at the Model Inn, Quay Street, Cardiff (map).

Cardiff Radical Socialist Forum is an arena for discussion amongst left wing people in the Cardiff area. Taking place once a month upstairs at the Model Inn, Quay Street, Cardiff (map), each forum has tackled a different subject. The next forum on Wednesday 3rd September, 7.30pm, will be about immigration.

No Borders South Wales will be giving a presentation on the case for free migration, going through the arguments for abolishing all border controls and examining the current state of UK border controls, resistance against this and why socialists should engage with that resistance.

In private socialists will say they are in favour of free migration, it is, after all, the only true socialist position on immigration (“Workers of the world unite”). However in public many left wing groups and parties are ominously quiet on the issue, claiming that such a demand is “too advanced” or “too abstract” to argue in public. We believe the issue of freedom of movement is too important to ignore. Anyone of a left wing persuasion should come along and engage in the discussion. 

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