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small Eritean squat

small Eritean squat

A carload of activists from No Borders South Wales are in Calais with the group Calais Migrant Solidarity.

The weather was awful at the beginning of the week, cold with heavy sudden rain showers; dangerous weather for people forced to live on the streets. We set out on Tuesday morning to deliver warm clean clothes to the ‘bridges’ area – a collection of railway and road bridges across the ‘Basin de la Battellinne’ – where many Afghans and Iranians are struggling to stay dry and warm.

Despite the incessant rain we received a friendly welcome, sharing cigarettes and watching the rain. Meanwhile, during that morning the CRS (Companie Republican de Securité) had invaded the Ethiopian squat and arrested Read the rest of this entry »

Urgently needed: Blankets, Sleeping bags , warm clothes (especially winter jackets and water proofs), mens shoes, tents, money, tarpaulin, rope, tools

calais police migrantsHundreds of refugees and migrants, many of whom are under 18 are sleeping out in the cold weather in Calais; with no shelter, no blankets, nothing. This is the result of the French Immigration minister Besson’s policy of destroying the migrants camps together with the peoples few possessions. New shelters are being destroyed as well as squats being evicted. People sleeping under bridges have had their blankets confiscated or sprayed with chemicals so they cannot be used any more.

The associations and charities cannot cope with Read the rest of this entry »

This is the personal recollection of one of our group (a street medic) at the Calais No Border Camp.

FranceCalais090423_432The port town of Calais in Northern France represents the final point of the journey in a migrants struggle to gain entry into the United Kingdom. Much has already been documented about the plight of those stuck in this hellish purgatory, of the violence, the poverty and the invisable situation punctuated only by media scare stories of ‘waves, hordes’ of scrougers and bogus asylum seekers.

However my story is about the less exposed side of the struggle, of the health and well being of these desperate people. I spent my time at the No Borders camp at the port and the jungle, visiting and bringing minimal releif in the form of First Aid.

My first encounter of the migrant health care system was a hurried car journey to the Eritrean squat in the Ferry Port. A team of medics gathered together having heard a scare that the squat was being raided, but after three or four stop and searches by the CRS we decided that we would be more useful Read the rest of this entry »

This is the personal recollection of the Calais No Border Camp by one member of our group, others will follow soon.

Copyright Guido 2008. NO UNAUTHORISED USE.I am surrounded by faces, all beaming at me, eyes glittering with interest, with expectation. The floor is beautifully carpeted and a Turkish man has motioned me towards a space towards the back of the structure opposite the door, carefully dragging a cushion from the wall in a manner imbued with all the gentle goodness and grace that the Muslim character engenders.

The shelter is poorly lit and stuffy inside, but though bare, it is clean. Blue tarpaulin sheets are stretched taught over a robust wooden frame, wooden pallets provide the base for a perfectly flat floor and the roof rise’s each side to an apex.

“The Wind?” I ask, “No problem.” “The rain?” I get the same reply.

Two miles away and two hours previously it was still stiflingly hot when I had turned the corner of the Boulevard des Allies to see, set against the maritime train station in Calais a sight starkly reminiscent Read the rest of this entry »

433472We’ve been very quiet on the blogging front since the end of the No Border Camp in Calais. The events on the ground in the region have got more intense, with French Authorities attempting to remove all migrant camps, however activists have been staying in the area doing Calais Migrant Solidarity. Some of us intend to return to Calais in the near future, if anyone is able to travel to Northern France to give support, get in touch.

Back here in Wales, the UK Border Agency have been very busy trying to (and often succeeding) ruin people’s lives. As usual the defence of their intrusive activities would be funny if it were not so tragic. The forcing apart of a married couple, was, in the words of their spokesperson “to protect young people” and to made sure they “receive the help and support they need”. At present the couple are legally entitled to live together anywhere in the EU, except the UK.

UK Border Agency staff routinely and systematically brand people liars when Read the rest of this entry »

marchThis year’s No Border Camp in Calais has now finished. It was a powerful and unique event. Bringing together activists from across Europe to share a camp alongside undocumented migrants from Africa, the Middle East and Asia as well as significant numbers of local residents was no easy feat. Especially under the watchful eye of over 2,000 police, nearly all armed and with full riot gear (though often no uniforms and no noticeable identification). Full credit to everyone who took part in any way.

Camp signThough the Freedom of Movement demonstration on Saturday 27th was the central event that got media coverage, it was the week long camp that was the real story. As part of the war of words about the camp we have been using our Twitter feed to keep a constant stream of updates on what was taking place, as well as Read the rest of this entry »

3596871035_aa996cb582You may notice on the top of our left column we have a new feature, our twitter feed!  To go along with our Facebook and Myspace accounts, we’ve signed up to the latest social networking craze and will be sending out ‘tweets’ for the duration of the No Border Camp, and hopefully beyond! This will mean we’re able to keep people unable to attend the camp up to the minute about what’s happening, follow us today!

election_euro_nobor_568453aSome people have been asking what kind of welcome the No Border Camp will have in Calais. Naturally the authorities are being typically bullish and threatening, (and in Dunkirk have taken it one stage further) however local people have Read the rest of this entry »

calais-orange2With the Calais No Border Camp less than a week away, to go along with the activist mobilisation, the mainstream media disinformation is in full swing. Whilst most of the scare stories have appeared in the French press, never one to miss a spot of sensationalism the Daily Mail has run a story about the camp. Amoung other things Mail hack Peter Allen claims that we “heartily support” the views of Natacha Bouchart, the mayor of Calais, who has called on residents of Calais to leave en-masse for the duration of the camp and has cancelled several local events for no good reason. Unsurprisingly our views and that of Ms Bouchart are drastically different and the idea we intend to incite migrants to er… migrate is laughable.

No Border Camp site

Further details of the camp have been released, the programme for the week has been published, and the location has been announced as Read the rest of this entry »

Today will be the last day of the “No Land’s Men: The Struggle for Calais” photo exhibition at the Oriel Canfas gallery of the Chapter Arts Centre. The exhibition features some truly moving and touching artistic works by Julie Rebouillat, and gives a rare glimpse into the world of undocumented migrants trapped on the doorstep of Britain.

On the opening night on Thursday we held a talk and film showing in La Salon, where we tried to expand on the reality of the situation in Calais, and the way in which UK border policy has created this Read the rest of this entry »

The photo exhibition “No Land’s Men: The Struggle for Calais” comes to Cardiff on Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th June.

This exhibition by Julie Rebouillat has been travelling around the UK over the last few months and will conclude in Calais for the No Border Camp on Tuesday 23rd June. It features Read the rest of this entry »

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The public meeting last thursday night saw the start of our mobilisation for the No Border Camp in Calais. As part Read the rest of this entry »

calais info nightThe situation for migrants in Calais has become a major news story in recent months, with the humanitarian crisis now an unavoidable reality. UK Immigration minister Phil Woolas boasts that migrants “have been locked out by one of the toughest border crossings in the world” whilst his French counterpart Éric Besson vows to make Calais a no migrant zone by the end of the year and has increased police actions in the area.

At Thursday ‘s public meeting in Cardiff we will be explaining why this criminalisation of migrants is nothing more than brutality in response to suffering by politicians who are encouraging us to blame the victims of Western imperialism and economic domination. The presence of Read the rest of this entry »

4th juneAs well as the No Border Camp info night on this Thursday we will once again be moving across town to O’Neils on Trinity Street on Thursday 4th June  at 7pm for a night to raise awareness about the No Border Camp. This time, rather than our usual organising meeting, we will have music and entertainment from Tracey Curtis and Cosmo in-between some Read the rest of this entry »

no-border-campOn 23-29 June 2009 there will be No Border Camp in Calais, Northern France. No Borders South Wales will be attending, and will be organising transport from Cardiff, please get in contact if you’d like to come along. As part of raising awareness and mobilising for the camp over the next two months we will be holding a series of public events.

On Thursday 14th May, instead of our usual organising meeting, we will be holding a public meeting and film showing in the upstairs of O’Neils on Trinity Street in the middle of Cardiff city centre. There will be short talks by activists who have recently visited Calais and a number of Read the rest of this entry »

Thanks to them cool people at Video Nasties there will be a benefit gig for No Borders South Wales on Tuesday 9th June at the Meze Lounge, Newport.

Local bands; Threat Manifesto, The Nukes, The Melophobes, The Vendettas and Clay Statues will be performing for your edification and enjoyment. At only £3 enty, you can’t go wrong!

All money raised, along with any other fundraising we can do over the next few months will be used to fund Read the rest of this entry »


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