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On Saturday 23rd May South Wales Anarchists will be hosting the first Anarchist Bookfair in Cardiff. We will be attendance with our stall in the main hall giving away free leaflets, newsletters and stickers as well as selling a small selection of books and badges.

We will also be hosting a talk and discussion at 1pm in room 1. Everyone is welcome, though we’ll be tailoring our talk to what we assume will be an anarchist audience. Like everything we’re doing over the next few months we’ll be using the opportunity to encourage people to join us in attending the Calais No Border Camp. Here’s a summery of Read the rest of this entry »

coltongoldmanThough the systematic detention and deportation of people born outside this island without the correct documentation is a somewhat recent development, the use of migration control as a political implement by the British state has a long history.

In 1921 Emma Goldman the most famous female political radical of her generation moved to Britain, where she was virtually alone on the left in condemning the Russian revolution. She, along with Alexander Berkman had been deported Read the rest of this entry »


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