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Bolanle Ojulari is a pregnant mother with children aged 2 and 4. She is currently in hospital in Swansea after being admitted with bleeding, stomach pains and being unable to keep food down.

Bolanle contaced No Borders South Wales to ask for help to stop her being forcibly deported to Nigeria on Monday 3rd November on British Airways flight 0075, Heathrow to Lagos at 13:40pm.

She wishes to fight this deportation and needs our support urgently.

Bolanle came to the UK in 2005 after fleeing Nigeria. She is from the state of Zamfara which was the first state in Nigeria to introduce strict Islamic Sharia Law in 2000. Bolanle’s father had arranged for her to be married. However, she was forced to escape from Nigeria after she became pregnant by a different man and was threatened with punishment as she was not married.

Under Zamfara Sharia Law section 126, a woman who has sex outside of marriage will be punished by 100 lashes and one year of imprisonment. If a woman commits adultery she will be sentenced to being stoned to death.

None of the family have had anti-malaria medication, which government guidelines state should be given to those travelling to this region, particularly young children and pregnant women.

What you can do to help

1) Contact British Airways using this model letter, asking that they do not take part in this removal.

  • Fax: 020 8759 4314
  • Email:
  • Reservations & general enquiries: 0844 493 0 787  (06:00-20:00 daily)
  • Customer Relations: 0844 493 0 787 (Monday-Friday 08:00-18:30)

2) Raise your concern with their Passenger Medical Clearance Unit that Bolanle is not fit to fly due to health complications which meant she was recently hospitalised and the family have not had essential anti-malaria medication:

3) Contact the Home Secretary using this model letter

Cameroon national and victim of torture Jean Pierre Gueutchue, was given very last minute removal directions today for tomorrow, 6:15am. Once again this goes against the usual 72 hours notice most deportees are given.

Jean Pierre Gueutchue a Cameroon national, is currently detained in Campsfield IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK tomorrow Monday 6th October 2008 at 06:15hrs on British Airways flight BA 302 to Paris and then Air France flight AF940 to Douala, Cameroon. 

This will be the third attempt to remove Jean Pierre, who fled Cameroon after being tortured for his political activities, arrived in the UK in 2003 where he made a claim for asylum. All his appeals have been turned down and a fresh asylum claim was refused On Tuesday 15th July. 

Jean Pierre suffers flashbacks, intrusive memories, nightmares about being tortured and is being medicated for depression, post traumatic stress disorder and sleep disturbances. 

Please take urgent action 

  • Telephone British Airways on 08444 930 787. Let them know their image and business will suffer if they continue with deporting Jean Pierre to an unsafe and potentially life threatening situation. 
  • Fax British Airways medical clearance on 0208 7389644. Let them know that Jean Pierre is being treated for mental health problems and that you are concerned that he isn’t fit to fly 
  • Fax Willie Walsh, Chief Executive Officer British Airways on 020 8759 4314  and urge him not to carry out the forced removal of Jean Pierre Gueutchue.  Use this model letter, you can copy/amend/write your own version. Please include all the details: Jean Pierre Gueutchue a Cameroon national, due to be forcibly removed from the UK tomorrow Monday 6th October 2008 at 06:15hrs on British Airways flight BA 302 to Paris and then Air France flight AF940 to Douala, Cameroon. 
  • Fax Rt. Hon. Jacqui Smith, Secretary of State for the Home Office on 020 8760 3132 (note new number) asking that Jean Pierre Gueutchue be granted protection in the UK. Use this model letter, you can copy/amend/write your own version (if you do so, please remember to include the HO ref M1206111). 



If it is the case that Jean Pierre does fly on the BA flight then please: Ring Air France from 8am tomorrow on 0871 66 33 777 and ring their Customer Relations line from 9am tomorrow: 0870 142 4343 to urge them to not allow Jean Pierre to fly. 
Please let the campaign know of any faxes/e-mails sent

British Airways plane leaves without deportees

The family were not deported today as the home office had planned. Though they were taken to the airport at 6am this morning and actually boarded the plane bound for Nigeria. On board the plane Kemi said she overheard British Airways staff talking about ‘all the phone calls’ before informing the family that they were unable to fly them as they had been advised she was not fit to travel. Kemi was admitted to hospital Monday afternoon and though discharged late Monday night she is still suffering with serve back pain. None of the family has had their malaria immunization, which the Home Office has a duty to provide when travelling to Nigeria. The malaria immunization process requires a period of two and half weeks for a pregnant woman.

Tuesday morning we contacted the British Airways Pre-Medical Clearance Unit about the family’s case to alert them of our concerns about their health should they be deported. We passed the contact details on to our email list and asked people also raise their concerns. We believe it was this direct pressure from the local community on the airline to refuse to comply with the immoral wishes of the Home office that stopped this deportation.

Of course the family’s case is not over; they are currently imprisoned in Yarlswood detention centre (pictured), without legal representation and still with the threat of immanent deportation hanging over them. No Borders South Wales have been in regular contact over the phone and along with members of the local Nigerian community in Cardiff are in the process of getting proper legal representation for the family. As of yet Kemi and Taiwo haven’t been given any further details about what the Home Office is going to do with them. Detainees are required to be given their removal details at least 72 hours before there is an attempt to deport.

Thank-you to everyone who got in contact, especially with the airline, it can get results. If anyone would like to get more involved with deportation campaigns either with No Borders or just learn what they can be effective with over the phone/internet please get in contact, and if you can, come along to the No Borders Public meeting this Thursday.

There is now a page at the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns about this case. check it out here.


Kemi Ayinde is a 24 year old woman from Nigeria who was trafficked to the UK seven years ago and forced to work in London as a prostitute.

Taiwo Salami is her partner, also from Nigeria with whom she has an 18 month old daughter Yasmin Salami. The family’s claim for asylum has been refused and they were snatched from their home in Cardiff on 17th June 2008 are are currently being detained in Yarlswood Detention Centre. Their removal is scheduled for Tuesday 1st July on a British Airways flight.

Kemi is 5 months pregnant and is experiencing complications, not able to stand up without holding onto something. Her 18 month daughter is suffering a painful skin complaint. The family have not received appropriate medical care whilst in detention. They also haven’t received the anti-malaria immunisation they are entitled to in order to go this region.

Please use this model letter to fax or e-mail the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith: Fax: 020 8760 3132 E-mail:

and use this model letter to fax or e-mail the British Airways chief executive, Willie Walsh: Fax: 020 8759 4314 Email:

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