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On February 10th, ‘No Border’ activists from south Wales joined over 200 others from around the UK & beyond to demonstrate outside Harmondsworth & Colnbrook detention prisons, near Heathrow, to call for an end to the forced detention & deportation of asylum seekers. Private companies such as Kalyx (which runs Harmondsworth) & Serco (Colnbrook) are making huge profits from imprisoning tens of thousands of people every year. These peoples’ only crime is Read the rest of this entry »

fist-bannerYou could leave your family, friends, home. Risk your life in search of a better one. You could survive, unlike the 1000s that die crossing oceans & borders around the world every year. You could enter the UK.

You could be imprisoned in one of its 12 privately run detention centres, where you could be subject to physical, mental, & racist abuse. 

You could be deported back ‘home’ where you could face war, torture, rape, repression, imprisonment – all of which you could have been fleeing in the first place.

You could be working in degrading conditions on the black market – cleaning, prostitution, Read the rest of this entry »

graffitiIn mid-June in a Cardiff nightclub Alfa Diallo was attacked. A man offered him a drink responding “No thank you I don’t drink” he was shouted at, pushed, punched & called a nigger. He & his attacker were escorted outside where he was punched & kicked some more. The bouncers called the cops, who turned up, saw the colour of Alfa’s skin & searched him finding his asylum documents. They took him to the station, let his attacker go & put Alfa in a cell. Afraid & unaware as to what was going on, sometime later immigration officers came Read the rest of this entry »

On Saturday 8th April, over 300 people from all over Britain (including south wales) converged outside Harmondsworth & Colnbrook, two of the UK’s ten detention centres to protest the racist & unjust immigration & border regime as well as the brutal treatment that inmates face within detention prisons.

The demonstration began at around 11.30 but a large police presence forced the majority of demonstrators into a ‘pen’ outside the detention centres preventing inmates & demonstrators establishing a line of sight. However, around 40 activists who approached Colnbrook from the rear were able to make contact with the inmates who could Read the rest of this entry »


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