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On 11th and 15th August, the letters section of the South Wales Echo included correspondence from a ‘Marlene Meeson’ of Fairwater, Cardiff which criticised us and our work. In her first letter, concerning the case of Jean-Pierre Gueutchue, we are told that;

“the ineptly titled No Borders Wales should leave decisions to those in charge at the Home Office.”

Whilst in her second letter, about Kemi Ayinde we are told

“The self-appointed “no Borders Wales” idiots opposing their deportation should leave the decision tot he powers that be, namely the Home Office.”

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The recently produced first issue of the No Borders South Wales Newsletter, made the news in it’s own right yesterday when Media Wales published an article under the headline: ‘Asylum campaigners launch newsletter‘ then followed it up with a a link to this very website! Three cheers for David James of South Wales Echo, a fantastic bit of free publicity! 

ASYLUM campaigners who opposed the deportation of late Ghanaian cancer sufferer Ama Sumani and are fighting on behalf of several other asylum seekers, have produced their first newsletter.

The group, called No Borders South Wales, kicked off their first two-page newsletter with a report about a protest outside the Border and Immigration Agency regional headquarters on Newport Road, Cardiff, last Wednesday.

The group plans to hold monthly similar pickets as it fights the deportation of other South Wales-resident asylum seekers including pregnant Nigerian Kemi Ayinde who, as a teenager, was trafficked into the UK to work as a child prostitute.

You can download a .pdf of the newsletter.

In order to further spread information about our activities and upcoming events we’ve produced our first newsletter. In the past we’ve contributed articles to the South Wales Anarchists newsletter Gagged!, (here’s all our stories) but as an issue hasn’t appeared in a little while, we decided to produce our own.

It’s only a double sided A4 sheet but we’ve managed to cram in articles about the last picket of the UK Border Agency offices, Constance, BB, Jean Pierre, Kemi, ID Cards, and our collective statement along with adverts for the Cardiff Radical Socialist Forum, the Bristol anarchist bookfair, the Freedom of Movement block against the Labour party conference and No Border Fest.

If your willing to take a bundle of copies to pass Read the rest of this entry »

UK Border Agency Offices, General Buildings, 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 6AB

UK Border Agency Offices, General Buildings, 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 6AB

This Wednesday 20th August at 12 noon, No Borders South Wales will be holding one of our regular pickets outside the UK Border Agency offices on Newport Road, Cardiff. (map)

These are the offices where people made the decision to deport Ama Sumani to her death, who tried to deport Kemi and Taiwo and their baby, who has put Jean Pierre in detention, who refused BB the right to remain, where the snatch squads leave from, where local asylum seekers have to sign and are treated like criminals.

We hang banners, hold placards and distribute leaflets to draw attention to the activities of the UK Border Agency. The pickets only last for an hour, between 12noon and 1pm, so take  your lunch break from work, study or whatever else with us to demonstrate your solidarity with migrants and show that we won’t tolerate the brutal practises that take place inside the building!

At our last picket, one of our activists was interviewed live on Radio Cardiff. you can listen to that interview here.

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Immigration and inclusion in South Wales by Terry Threadgold, Sadie Clifford, Abdi Arwo, Vanessa Powell, Zahera Harb, Xinyi Jiang and John Jewell has recently been published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Well worth a read; it makes important points about how integration is much smoother for migrants who are allowed to work and points out that social class is a highly significant factor in determining life changes for everyone, migrant or otherwise.

The Trade Union Congress & Refugee Council Right to Work campaign aims to overturn the 2002 legislation that denies asylum applicants the ability to seek employment of any kind. The altering of the inequalities of social and economic hierarchy in the UK will require a class struggle of wider proportions.

in other news

There has been further coverage of Kemi and Taiwo’s case here, and here. Jean-Pierre has also been the subject of a news story featured on WalesOnline, which was picked up by Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization. The National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns continue to cover all our anti-deportation campaigns in detail.

Meanwhile this blog has been featured by Aya’s Blog review and Our blog review you can review us for yourself on Blog Catalog . There is now also a facebook group, plus you can become a fan on technorati.

Pregnant mother Kemi Ayinde and family have been told this week that their application for a Judicial Review of their asylum claim has been refused. They are liable to be detained and deported at any time.

The family returned to Cardiff three weeks ago after being detained in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre in Bedfordshire, after being snatched by UK Border agents from their home in the early hours of 17th June this year.

Two attempts were made to deport the family in July but after a high profile campaign and an application for a Judicial Review, the family were released.

Kemi has been told that the baby is not growing normally and her pregnancy may have to be terminated. Her GP and midwife have both stated that they believe that the problems she is having with her pregnancy have been caused by the stress and shock of being detained and threatened with deportation.

Kemi’s partner Taiwo has volunteered with Sue Ryder Cancer Care in Cardiff in the past and is due to begin volunteering with the Big Issue Cymru next week. He says

“Me and my family hope to be able to stay in Cardiff where we have made many friends and where we feel welcomed.”

The second failed attempt by the Home Office to deport Kemi, Taiwo and Yasim on tuesday gained some press attention. However the somewhat suspect claim by Virgin Nigeria Airlines’ Director of Corporate Communications Larry Agose (pictured) has taken centre stage for foiling the forced removal.

Larry said that:

We were approached to carry Kemi Ayinde who is billed for deportation from the UK on our flight, but we declined. We also do not intend to carry her on any of our subsequent flights.

Reporters from the Mirror, WalesOnline, & South Wales Echo all put the fact that the family was wasn’t deported down to the Virgin Nigeria refusing the Home Office. Breaking News Kenya has repeated the story and there has been discussion on the Mirror forum on the issue.  Other media souces BBConline and News Wales weren’t so sure, and have concentrated on the Judical Review that came into place some time before Larry’s statement. The whole thing appears to have really annoyed the racists on Stormfront, a sign to everyone that we’re doing something right!

Of course we couldn’t be happier that Virgin Nigeria has commited not to deport Kemi at any time in the future. And though we are somewhat cynical that they had originally refused to do the Home Office’s dirty work (especially given the evidence to the contrary, see previous posts), we’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. We hope that Virgin Nigeria’s heroic stand against the deportation of Kemi is followed up by the refusal to deport ANY failed asylum seekers by the whole Virgin group. 

Meanwhile the campaign has also now got the support of Jill Evans MEP, who has written to the home secretary to reconsider Kemi’s case and has said :

I fully support the campaign of No Borders Wales to allow Ms Ayinde and her family to return to Cardiff.

source: NewsWales

The frantic replies being fired off by Virgin Nigeria to the many supporters of Kemi Ayinde contained what looks like a particularly strong claim. Stella Allen, a Customer Relations Executive at the company stated:

It is pertinent to mention that we do not tolerate the inhumane treatment of any person onboard any of our flights as we ensure that all our passengers are treated with dignity and respect firmly recognizing that Asylum Seekers are not criminals but law abiding persons found to have no right or entitlement to remain in that particular country. Furthermore, Virgin Nigeria does not make any special profit from these operations and has never operated a removal flight before. We only carry passengers booked on our reservation systems.

According to this statement Virgin Nigeria has never carried out a deportation (removal) of an asylum seeker before. The language, unlike the rest of the document, is pretty clear here. Well, how then do you explain flying Jumoke Adediwura and her daughters Elixabeth and Daniella (who’d been living in Birmingham) out to Lagos on Flight VK296 on Tuesday March 6th? Seems like operating a removal flight to us. And what about Ronke Falode and her children who were shipped out of the UK on flight VK292 on Jan 2nd this year? Then there’s the Akwade family who were flown out by Virgin Nigeria on 30th December? Either Virgin Nigeria employees suffer from some kind of strange amnesia or they’re telling us porkie pies. But maybe Stella Allen’s new to the job. Maybe since she’s taken over as Customer Relations executive, Virgin Nigeria really haven’t carried out any deportations?

If this is indeed the case then how do you explain the fact that Bridget O’Kora and daughter Osaivibie who were due to be flown on a Virgin Nigeria flight out of Gatwick only three days before Kemi and family? Bridget and Osaivibie weren’t actually deported, possibly because of a similar wave of letters, calls and e-mails thrown at Virgin Nigeria by their friends and supporters. Many of these campaigners were sent a remarkably familiar e-mail by the very same Stella Allen at Virgin Nigeria:

It is pertinent to mention that we do not tolerate the inhumane treatment of any person onboard any of our flights as we ensure that all our passengers are treated with dignity and respect firmly recognizing that Asylum Seekers are not criminals but law abiding persons found to have no right or entitlement to remain in that particular country. Furthermore, Virgin Nigeria does not make any special profit from these operations and has never operated a removal flight before. We only carry passengers booked on our reservation systems.

Hmmm. Now, either Stella’s very forgetful, very very forgetful, or she’s deliberately trying to pull the wool over our eyes. We could, of course, list more examples. But you get the point. Draw your own conclusions. And Stella, empty your desk.

As the fantasitic news was revealed that Asylum seeker Kemi Ayinde and her family were not deported today, reports also began trickling out to her supporters of Virgin Nigeria’s distinctly strange about-face on the matter.

At the end of last week, and until late yesterday, Virgin Nigeria’s PR department were working overtime e-mailing Kemi’s supporters assuring them it would be in non-compliance with the UK government if it refused to take an asylum seeker out of the country when asked. In other words, they had no choice to deport this sick pregnant woman and her family.

By late Monday afternoon, however, Virgin Nigeria and Virgin Unite (the fluffy charitable face of Richard Branson’s empire) were claiming that not only were they not going to deport Kemi, Taiwa and Yasim, but they’d never intended to fly them out in the first place.

This is part of the letter that many of Kemi’s supporters received from Virgin Nigeria’s ‘Customer Relations Executive’ Stella Allen:

We empathize with Kemi Ayinde and the circumstances surrounding her migration to the United Kingdom, as recounted by your goodself, and her subsequent pending deportation there from. We have noted the suggestion proffered by your goodself regarding the manner in which VNA conducts itself in this matter and we believe same to be tantamount to non-cooperation with the Government which is inimical to the interests of all concerned parties.

We know of at least 10 variants of this e-mail, and she was sending these out until late afternoon on Monday 7th July. The language is a bit wordy, but the implication is clear. Virgin Nigeria would carry out the removal because it didn’t want to turn down the Home Office’s request.

Later that day people started to receive e-mails from Jodi Watson who is a ‘Business Mobilisation Manager’ at Virgin Unite (the ‘independent’ charitable arm of the Virgin Group). They all contained texts along these lines:

I just wanted to clarify that Kemi will not be deported tomorrow on a Virgin Nigeria flight. Virgin Nigeria was approached but refused to carry her both now or in the future. It seems the story was printed without consulting Virgin Unite or Virgin Nigeria so we were not able to set the record straight.

Some campaigners also got the added bonus of having an e-mail written by Larry Agose, Virgin Nigeria’s Director of Corporate Commmunications, pasted into their reply. He claimed:

I confirm that we were approached to carry her on our flight for tomorrow, but we declined. We also do not intend to carry her on any of our subsequent flights.

So what’s going on here? Kemi’s removal directions told her she was about to be flown out of the UK on Tuesday 8th July at 10.15am on Virgin Nigeria flight VK292 from Gatwick North Terminal. There are a number of possible explanations to this mystery, but none of them leave Virgin Nigeria or the Home Office looking particularly good.

Another plane leaves without unwilling passengers

Another plane leaves without unwilling passengers

The removal of Kemi, Taiwo and Yasim was cancelled for today. The family were due to be removed on this morning at 10.15am on Virgin Nigeria flight VK292 from Gatwick North Terminal.

They are now in Yarl’s Wood detention prison, and their legal team has started the process of setting up a High Court judicial review. While this review is in process it makes it more difficult for the Home Office to remove them from the UK, making the family’s position slightly less precarious than it has been until now.

Kemi is heavily pregnant, and has recently encountered complications which make it difficult for her to stand without assistance. They were due to be flown back to Nigeria on a BA flight last week but, after a barrage of calls, faxes, and e-mails from friends and supporters, the family was taken off the aeroplane at the last minute and returned to detention. Now they have had another last-minute reprieve, and hopes are high that a convincing case can be made to allow them to return to Cardiff.

There is now a campaign page for sanctuary for Kemi, Taiwo and Yasim all campaign updates will appear on this page, please forward the link to anyone who would be willing to support the family.

Since No Borders South Wales launched the campaign to keep Kemi, Taiwo and Yasim safe in Cardiff last week, there has been considerable media interest in the case. The BBC carried information across it’s network, including radio and online. The South Wales Echo has carried stories of the averted deportation and planned removal this tuesday. Media Wales stablemate the Wales on Sunday ran an interview with Kemi and Taiwo which is well worth a read. And News Wales also recently carried a story about the growing political support for Kemi, this time focussing on Plaid Cymru MEP Gill Evans. The campaign has also gained the support of Cardiff CouncilNCADCthe F-Word, and more.


1) Please contact Virgin Nigeria to raise your concerns that Kemi isn’t fit to fly and she and her family will be at risk if deported. Use this model letter please amend/change re-write as you see fit but please remember to quote Kemi Ayinde, flight VK292, 10.15am, 08.07.08.

2) Please send urgent faxes/Emails immediately to, Rt. Hon. Jacqui Smith, Secretary of State for the Home Office: You can use this model letter please amend/change re-write as you see fit but please remember to include the HO Ref S1387236.

3) Contact Stop the Traffik and Virgin Unite to highlight how Virgin’s role in Kemi and family’s up coming deportation  directly contradicts their support of victims of trafficking.

It has been found that the Virgin Group (51% owners of Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd, which owns 49% of Virgin Nigeria Airways), through its charitable foundation Virgin Unite has direct links with anti-trafficking charity Stop the Traffik who pledge to “protect the victims of trafficking”. Virgin Unite states “Virgin Unite is fully behind Stop The Traffik to end slavery once and for all”.

Virgin’s role in the up coming deportation of Kemi, Taiwo and Yasim (more details here) directly contradicts their work with Stop The Traffik. It is fundamentally hypocritical of the Virgin Group to support a charity that is there to defend and support victims of trafficking, while at the same time potentially playing such a key role in sending a direct victim of trafficking back to a country where she faces the very real prospect of retribution. The fact that Kemi was trafficked is not disputed by the Home Office. In its letter of refusal it stated that “your account that you have been trafficked to the UK has been accepted”. We encourage everyone to complain to the airline about this injustice and its contradictory practices.


Contact Stop the Traffik and Virgin Unite to highlight how Virgin’s role in Kemi and family’s up coming deportation directly contradicts their support of victims of trafficking.

They are scheduled to be deported on Tuesday 8th July at 10.15am on Virgin Nigeria flight VK292 from Gatwick North Terminal.

British Airways refused to take Kemi only a couple of days ago due to health problems.

What you can do to help

1) Please Read the rest of this entry »

British Airways plane leaves without deportees

The family were not deported today as the home office had planned. Though they were taken to the airport at 6am this morning and actually boarded the plane bound for Nigeria. On board the plane Kemi said she overheard British Airways staff talking about ‘all the phone calls’ before informing the family that they were unable to fly them as they had been advised she was not fit to travel. Kemi was admitted to hospital Monday afternoon and though discharged late Monday night she is still suffering with serve back pain. None of the family has had their malaria immunization, which the Home Office has a duty to provide when travelling to Nigeria. The malaria immunization process requires a period of two and half weeks for a pregnant woman.

Tuesday morning we contacted the British Airways Pre-Medical Clearance Unit about the family’s case to alert them of our concerns about their health should they be deported. We passed the contact details on to our email list and asked people also raise their concerns. We believe it was this direct pressure from the local community on the airline to refuse to comply with the immoral wishes of the Home office that stopped this deportation.

Of course the family’s case is not over; they are currently imprisoned in Yarlswood detention centre (pictured), without legal representation and still with the threat of immanent deportation hanging over them. No Borders South Wales have been in regular contact over the phone and along with members of the local Nigerian community in Cardiff are in the process of getting proper legal representation for the family. As of yet Kemi and Taiwo haven’t been given any further details about what the Home Office is going to do with them. Detainees are required to be given their removal details at least 72 hours before there is an attempt to deport.

Thank-you to everyone who got in contact, especially with the airline, it can get results. If anyone would like to get more involved with deportation campaigns either with No Borders or just learn what they can be effective with over the phone/internet please get in contact, and if you can, come along to the No Borders Public meeting this Thursday.

There is now a page at the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns about this case. check it out here.


Kemi Ayinde is a 24 year old woman from Nigeria who was trafficked to the UK seven years ago and forced to work in London as a prostitute.

Taiwo Salami is her partner, also from Nigeria with whom she has an 18 month old daughter Yasmin Salami. The family’s claim for asylum has been refused and they were snatched from their home in Cardiff on 17th June 2008 are are currently being detained in Yarlswood Detention Centre. Their removal is scheduled for Tuesday 1st July on a British Airways flight.

Kemi is 5 months pregnant and is experiencing complications, not able to stand up without holding onto something. Her 18 month daughter is suffering a painful skin complaint. The family have not received appropriate medical care whilst in detention. They also haven’t received the anti-malaria immunisation they are entitled to in order to go this region.

Please use this model letter to fax or e-mail the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith: Fax: 020 8760 3132 E-mail:

and use this model letter to fax or e-mail the British Airways chief executive, Willie Walsh: Fax: 020 8759 4314 Email:

Read the rest of this entry »


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