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hospital_ward__empty1The UK Government’s increasingly punitive stance towards people who migrant to Britain has led to a severe shortage of doctors in hospitals throughout Wales.

As far back as this May Dr. Hamish Meldrum, chairperson of the British Medical Association Council expressed concerns at the impact that ‘tougher’ border controls could have on health services, stating that new rules would bar many migrant doctors born outside the EU that the NHS relies on from working in the UK. These concerns were unheeded, as the project to tighten borders, intensify social control and enlarge the surveillance state has taken precedence over people’s health.

In a very short period of time the BMA’s concerns have become reality, with recruitment problems for Read the rest of this entry »

The last picket of the UK Border Agency offices in Cardiff was attended by around 50 people, including Leanne Wood AM and the deputy leader of Cardiff Council Neil McEvoy, all supporting BB‘s anti-deportation campaign.

Let’s all meet again on Thursday November 6th from 12noon for about an hour or so, at General Buildings, 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff (map) to protest against the Home Office’s racist immigration policies, to demonstrate our solidarity with all migrants, no matter where they are from or why they are here. We will be hanging banners, holding placards and distributing leaflets to draw attention to the sickening activities of the Border Agency. Take your lunch break from work, study or whatever else with us to show you won’t tolerate the brutal practises that take place inside the building. See you there!

There will be one of our regular meetings this Thursday, and every Thursday at 7pm at the South Riverside Community Development Centre, Brunel Street, Cardiff CF11 6ES. (map). Meetings are open for all to attend, but discrimination is not welcome, and diversity is respected. They usually take no more than 1 hour and are usually followed by a sociable pint in a nearby pub!


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