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cageprisoners1With the forcing of the closure of detention facility Guantanamo Bay within a year by the Obama administration, the Two Sides One Story tour currently travelling across the UK (reports from Sheffield, Leeds, and London), has been in the media. While Guantanamo being closed down is a very good thing, there are other similar facilities. As former detainee Moazzam Begg points out:

I was held at Bagram detention facility before Guantanamo. I witnessed some terrible things there. If that place is closed too, we’re doing well. If it isn’t, we’ll see more of the same.

In the same way, though we give our total support to initiatives like the Campaign to Close Campsfield, simply closing this single detention centre by itself would be a hollow victory. We wish to see the end of the practice of detention as a means of social control, but we are Read the rest of this entry »


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