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The new issue of Gagged! is a Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair special. As well as featuring the full programme of the bookfair, including our workshop at 1pm, there is an article on the upcoming No Border Camp in Calais, reports from our demos against deportations to Iraq and against the ethnic charter flight to Nigeria, as well as Mayday in Cardiff. Along with plugs for the Calais info night on 4th June and our benefit gig on 9th June. All this plus a selection of other articles by South Wales Anarchists, Westside Climate Action, Cardiff Anarchist Black Cross and FITwatch.  

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On Saturday 23rd May South Wales Anarchists will be hosting the first Anarchist Bookfair in Cardiff. We will be attendance with our stall in the main hall giving away free leaflets, newsletters and stickers as well as selling a small selection of books and badges.

We will also be hosting a talk and discussion at 1pm in room 1. Everyone is welcome, though we’ll be tailoring our talk to what we assume will be an anarchist audience. Like everything we’re doing over the next few months we’ll be using the opportunity to encourage people to join us in attending the Calais No Border Camp. Here’s a summery of Read the rest of this entry »

may-dayThe 1st of May has been celebrated across the world as International Workers Day since the execution of four anarchist migrant workers in Chicago in 1886 in the fight for the eight-hour working day. Since the late 19th century Mayday has been a focal point for workers of all countries to stand united against the repression of capitalism and the state. In the aftermath of the repressive policing of the G20 protests  in London last month that led to the death of Ian Tomlinson, this year’s Mayday protests in Cardiff took place outside Cardiff Central Police Station to show the opposition to the increasing criminalisation of public protest.

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The latest issue of the South Wales anarchist newsletter is out now. We have contributed articles about the occupation of cardiff university and the situation facing Yahya Al Faifi. The rest of the newsletter is made up of pieces written by South Wales Anarchists,  Cardiff Anarchist Black CrossWestside Climate Action and FITwatch.

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South Wales Anarchists have produced the latest issue of their popular newsletter ‘Gagged!’, as usual we have contributed to the content. In these days of mass internet access there has been a huge drop in alternative media being produced on paper, so we are proud to help continue this fine tradition. Over 8,000 copies of Gagged! are produced and distributed every issue, no mean feat for a small anarchist network, if you’d like to help them out, drop them a line.

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The front cover bears a quote from a text written by the Haunt of Albanian Migrants and circulated at a protest following the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos by police in Greece. The outburst of rage that has followed this latest act of violence by the state has spread to all sections of Greek society that suffer under capitalism, not least migrants. As part of yesterday’s international day of solidarity members of No Borders South Wales joined with South Wales Anarchists in the centre of Cardiff to show our support for the uprising in Greece.

greek-solidarity-2012-5Though we heartily recommend the rest of the content of the publication, for ease of access we’ve reproduced our article  below (usually we have more input, see previous issues), regular readers of this blog may find large parts of the text somewhat familiar!


ID Cards Are Here!

Biometric ID cards came into force for non-EEA students and spouses on 25th November. The  UK Border Agency office at 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff is one of only six registering centres in the country. No Borders South Wales protested there on the day ID cards came into force as part of a coordinated day of action outside every centre and also on the day the Cardiff office started the process of interrogation, photographing and fingerprinting.

Both the protests were well attended, attracting well over 50 people each; we displayed banners, held placards, waved giant mock ID cards and distributed over 1000 leaflets. The public reaction was overwhelmingly supportive.

These new ID cards are not only a repressive measure against non-EEA students and spouses, they are the first shot in an attack against everyone’s liberty. This initial step by the UK authorities targets a largely voiceless migrant group, who have the least chance to complain and the most to lose. By using a cynical appeal to the worst kind of bigotry the government is following the example of repressive regimes throughout history. Immigration law already gives the Home Office powers it would like to exert over everybody. By resisting the repression of migrants, we defend the freedom of everyone!

ID cards are just one part of a wider plan to increase government regulation over all our lives. To reverse the waves of authoritarianism that currently dominate the political mainstream, we need to build a movement that is committed to universal freedom and rejects the legitimacy of state interference. It is up to everyone who cares about freedom and equality to organise to oppose these worrying trends.

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Issue #24 of the South Wales Anarchist newsletter “Gagged!” is out now. As usual it contains a number of articles by No Borders South Wales. All the information in “No ID card protest in Newport”, “We loves ya, Babi” “No Border Fest Success” & “Nosey cops stalk public” have already appeared on this blog. South Wales Anarchists provide the rest of the content on a range of issues including climate change, anti-fascism, corruption and the economy.

You can download a .pdf of the newsletter to print, copy and distribute. Or you can contact the Gagged! collective to get a bundle in the post.

We also forgot to mention that we had an article in the long running weekly direct action newsletter SchNEWS not so long ago.


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