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With the start of the campaign to shut down BMI just around the corner we thought we’d fill you in on what BMI’s CEO Nigel Turner had to say in relation to their carrying out of deportations. The extracts are taken from an email correspondence between Nigel and a member of the public, who on reading about BB’s deportation decided to contact Nigel to inform him of the negative impact that BMI’s role in deporting people could have on the company.

Not surprisingly Nigel didn’t see anything wrong in BMI carrying out deportations. His final email stated:

“I fear we are not going to agree on this one, to take your stance would involve us making a decision that the UK borders and the Courts of the land do not properly safeguards of individuals.

That is not a position I can take…

Nigel really needs to get his head out of the clouds cos from whatever angle you look at it the safeguards are not proper and never will be and things are getting worse. The governments current agenda with respect to refugees is clear. Deport more people than claim asylum. Hardly a recipe for Read the rest of this entry »


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