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The hunger strike at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre has reached a fifth week. Solidarity demonstrations have taken place, outside the IRC itself, at Holloway Prison and around the country, now a legal challenge is being mounted. The hunger strike tactic has also spread to Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre.

There will be a protest in support of the hunger strikers this Saturday 13th March in Castle Square in Swansea City Centre from 12noon until 5pm. As well as higlighting the stuggle of Read the rest of this entry »

n158100673713_6073This October, in a bid to stir up racial tension and increase religious intolerance, a group calling itself the ‘English Defence League‘ (EDL) intend to hold two protests in south Wales with a “march against muslim extremists” in Swansea on Saturday 17th October and an ‘anti-mosque demo’ in Newport on Saturday 24th October.

It seems that the EDL, which has close links with the British National Party (BNP), have reached out to the fantasist Jeff Marsh of Barry who has cultivated a shady reputation through authoring a number of Cardiff City Soul Crew football hooligan books. Marsh, along with a handful of impressionable young racists raised on a diet of boastful hooligan memoirs and hate-filled extremist internet forums, have formed a “Welsh Defence League” which is acting as a front for both the south Wales protests.

We will be joining the call out by <a href=""Newport Communities Against Racism to fill John Frost Square before the fascists arrive and show them that their bigotry is not welcome here! There is an event page on both Facebook and Myspace, as well as a page on  Twitter, please invite your online friends and Read the rest of this entry »

Bolanle Ojulari is a pregnant mother with children aged 2 and 4. She is currently in hospital in Swansea after being admitted with bleeding, stomach pains and being unable to keep food down.

Bolanle contaced No Borders South Wales to ask for help to stop her being forcibly deported to Nigeria on Monday 3rd November on British Airways flight 0075, Heathrow to Lagos at 13:40pm.

She wishes to fight this deportation and needs our support urgently.

Bolanle came to the UK in 2005 after fleeing Nigeria. She is from the state of Zamfara which was the first state in Nigeria to introduce strict Islamic Sharia Law in 2000. Bolanle’s father had arranged for her to be married. However, she was forced to escape from Nigeria after she became pregnant by a different man and was threatened with punishment as she was not married.

Under Zamfara Sharia Law section 126, a woman who has sex outside of marriage will be punished by 100 lashes and one year of imprisonment. If a woman commits adultery she will be sentenced to being stoned to death.

None of the family have had anti-malaria medication, which government guidelines state should be given to those travelling to this region, particularly young children and pregnant women.

What you can do to help

1) Contact British Airways using this model letter, asking that they do not take part in this removal.

  • Fax: 020 8759 4314
  • Email:
  • Reservations & general enquiries: 0844 493 0 787  (06:00-20:00 daily)
  • Customer Relations: 0844 493 0 787 (Monday-Friday 08:00-18:30)

2) Raise your concern with their Passenger Medical Clearance Unit that Bolanle is not fit to fly due to health complications which meant she was recently hospitalised and the family have not had essential anti-malaria medication:

3) Contact the Home Secretary using this model letter

On Sunday 9th September, asylum seeker Jackie Aber & her son Naseem were seized by Immigration Officers & taken from their home in Swansea to Yarlswood detention prison. Jackie was tortured & raped by the Ugandan army, she escaped an army prison, entered the UK & claimed asylum. Although accepted by the Immigration Appellate Authority as a ‘believable witness’, the Home Office refused her asylum claim stating that she would not be in danger of persecution if she was returned to a differnet part of Uganda. Finding new evidence that she Read the rest of this entry »


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