On Wednesday, 3rd February at 5.30pm, there will be a specially chartered deportation flight to Nigeria. At 4.30pm we will be holding a protest against this outside the UK Border Agency, General Buildings, 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0AB (map).

There have been previous deportation flights to Nigeria from the UK, (we’ve protested against them before) but ‘Flight PVT-JEUC’  will be the first Joint European Union Charter, a new scheme agreed at the EU summit in Brussels last year. It will be operated by Frontex and funded by the EU, as opposed to individual member states.  In December BMI organised a flight to Afghanistan and there was a controversial flight to Iraq last October but it seems that these flights were operated as some sort of trial that has now become official policy.

The UK has a brutal and dehumanising migration regime, where individuals, families and children are imprisoned in immigration detention centres, where families risk being snatched from their homes in the night and where people are forced to return to places that they fear.

Please join us at the Cardiff offices of the UK Border Agency next Wednesday to demonstrate your solidarity with people held in detention or facing deportation and to help to draw attention to the UK’s brutal border regime. Banners and placards will be provided, but you are more than welcome to bring your own.

If facebook is your thing, please rsvp to the event page, and invite your friends.